Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Better Day

Well it felt better, I will ultimately leave it to you as to whether it looks any better
DSC_5936 DSC_5937 DSC_5938
Or indeed any different at all :)
How I feel – well I feel like I got the gold a bit warmer, and a bit more contrasty- which it needed. I feel like there is more range and contrast in the greys of his armour. His face also is more varied, the osl worked better and the mini, to me, feels more “together”
Ultimately that’s what I’m after.
Things I’m still shaky on – well I used blood. I don't normally do that, well, ever, but a space wolf with a chainsword, it kinda felt like I had to. I tried not to overdo it.
I’d like still to have a little more variance in the red shoulder pad colour. and well the 3d chapter badges are a bit rough for my liking, but I’m going to live with them.
other issues- overall his face is maybe too dark and the “bone” on the skulls came out a tad rough.
But I count it an improvement on the last one, and if I can get the whole army to this kind of standard, I’ll be happy enough. this guy took about 8-10 hours. I can live with that too.
I’d be very interested in your comments on how you all think this compares with the last guy, and whether it’s all in my head or not :)
Next up is a bike test, then a batch paint of grey hunters, I think I can manage 4 at a time to this kind of level. let’s see eh? :)


  1. I've been flicking between the two for fifteen minutes and I think I can see what you're on about. (but I'm not really sure)

    Excellent work, as always.

    (8 to 10 hours for one figure ? That explains why mine look at little, er basic.)

  2. The gold looks great. My gold on my wolves looks like ass compared to yours. I agree with Zzzzz, if you took 8-10 hours on this guy, I guess I wont feel so bad that he looks so superior to mine.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks great! I bet he looks better than my rank and file Grey Hunters!

    Would it be too much if I asked what colors do you use for your NMM? It looks much different than mine. :) I still have a lot to learn in that area, so I'm curious about other ways of doing it.

  4. Thanks guys :)

    Zzzz, I say 8 hours, it's 8 hours sat at the desk, so that's drying time, net browsing time, leisurely paint.

    I'll time myself properly next time :)

    Student Teacher, you're using metallics for your gold, right? the temptation is always to let the shiny do the work, but you'll get better results if you still shade the gold. try this - once you've painted it, wash it with devlan, then highlight with the original colour, and final highlight with half origial and half mithril silver. you should see more pop :)

    Hal'Jin - not too much at all, this most recent guy - with the gold i like - was the following colours -

    scortched brown base
    bestial brown heavy coverage.
    VMC leather brown/VMC scrofulous brown 50/50
    VMC scrofulous brown.
    VMC scrofulous brown/VMC off white - this last step, maybe 3 times, with more white to brown each time.
    final this strip of white.

    sounds like a lot, but it goes fast when it's on the palette, and once you're done with 1 colour you can go straight on with the next as you work your way round the figure :)

  5. I might be insane, but for the first time ever, i did this -

    Emperor help me.

  6. Like Zzzzz, I've been comparing with your previous one, and I can see what you mean about this one. I can't really place my finger on it, but something about this looks just a little more "finished" than the last one (not taking away from it, as I said I'd be very happy if I could make a character look that good).

    I like that the armour and the red look a little darker, gives it a more gritty look.

    Now I'm not really in a place to offer criticism, but something I did notice is that the hair and the red on the shoulder pads look a little flat, it may just be the photography which is notoriously difficult, but they seem like they could do with a little more highlighting/shading.

    Absolutely brilliant work, huge props.

  7. I always find using a little blood like you did goes a long way as compared to lots of blood.

    Looks great !

  8. bG, good spot, yeah the red is a little flat compared to the rest of him. I felt I had to stop or i'd make everything orange :)

    Next mini I'll work up from a darker red and get my contrast that way, without losing the gritty darker red.

    jmezz, glad you approve, I remain unsure about the blood. but hey, it's a chainsword. it's not going to be clean :)


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