Thursday, 12 August 2010

Miniature Photography, Massive Voodoo style

So my bulbs arrived :)
I now have lovely cold daylight all over my painting area, even in the dead of night. It’s amazing, I mean – I’ve used daylight bulbs for years, but these fluorescents are sooo bright compared to the old incandescent bulbs.
I’ve taken some pictures with the photo set up suggested by Roman at Massive Voodoo, Its incredibly simple.
Here’s how it looks (photographed from my phone)
You see I use my painting desk, and use the two cheap Ikea lamps with good anglepoise arms, and those shiny new bulbs. the glowy white thing is the (also cheap) ikea plastic bin suggested by Roman. The camera, obviously is on a tripod, and set to a 2 second delay (so that my clumsy paws can’t shake the camera, as I wont be touching it when the shutter goes off)
In this closer view you can see some of the interior. I set my white balance manually, and in hindsight that might not have been the perfect thing to do. with the lights this close the white paper I used was a little bright, and the pictures are a tiny bit warm, – shocking as the scene is so cold.
Dave, who commented on my previous post is right to observe that the contrast shift in my current background image is too severe, I’ll print a new one when I’m next able.
anyway, enough procrastination, here are some of the shots taken now that this set up is in effect -
(BIIG pictures all the way this post, as we are celebrating the imagery)
 DSC_5849 DSC_5850 DSC_5851 DSC_5852
Using the same miniatures as other recent experiments, hopefully you can see the difference.
In this guy, some of the details are much clearer, unfortunately some of the rougher areas are also much much clearer :)
DSC_5858   DSC_5856 DSC_5857  DSC_5855
Chalk this one up as a win however – a lot of the work I’d done on him that just wasn't visible at all in previous photos can be seen now (also, mistakes too :p)
DSC_5865 DSC_5869DSC_5866 DSC_5867 DSC_5868
And again, the work is clearer. Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen :)
so there we have my photo experiments, I think they've improved, at least to the point where you can see more clearly what I’m trying to do with these more recent figures. I leave you to judge the levels of success for yourselves now that you can see :)
Thanks again for reading!


  1. Looking good. I built my own little photo box on one of my shelves. I too used Ikea adjustable lights, though I think I'm using halogen and incandescent mixed... It might be a big harsh, but it is definitely bright, I just used a piece of fabric that I got off my mom as the background.

    I'm only using an iPhone and pictures look better than any of my other efforts. One day I'll have a snazzy camera, but I got other expenses to cover before I worry about acquiring more gadgets.

  2. Your painting is excellent. Your photography is superlative. But your desk is tidy !!!!

    You're obviously not all there; It looks far too ordered. How on earth do you loose anything ? I was in the garage this morning - there is about ten months of dust, shavings and clipped off bits in a sort of film around the cutting mat. Perhaps its me that needs to clean up a bit...

  3. Thanks guys :)
    I'll probably get better as I get more accustomed to the new setup too.

    I tell you what Muskie, my mate has an iPhone and I'm very impressed with it's camera, you'd have to spend a fair bit to get a better one :)

    Zzzz. What can I say? you haven't seen my garage :) or my cellar. all the mess that should be on my desk is there :)

    I always get more messy in the throes of a project too, but always try to clear up after myself :)

  4. Outstanding!!! I have a huge white box for our stuff. It was used in a Ebay store and has a curved back edge so it kinda goes on forever. Your method takes up about 1/8 of the space! I just have to buy a massive amount of lighting (or run it thru PS wink wink nudge).


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