Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Lupine Diversion

In the continuing interest of revitalising my painting and modelling with new and random models, I had the yen to tackle another chapter, and the space wolves caught my interest.
Now having no space wolves bit (except 1 single bolt pistol arm i got as part of a bitz purchase) I was a bit stuck. pun intended.
SO I decided to have a go at improvising something wolfish. here’s the result.
DSC_5790 DSC_5791 DSC_5792
I present him as a “green” so you can easily see what bits have been added and from where. I’m going to paint this guy and leave him based for play rather than socket him, as I’ve been looking for a low model count army for some time that I can go to town on with paint. Wolves might be it.
I’d run this guy as a frost weapon wielding lone wolf point filler if that were the case I think, but as I keep reminding myself I said I’d try to offload my blood axes and ultras before I allowed myself to start on a new army.
Anyway, paint soon :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. I think he looks very wolfish :) Great sculpting!

  2. Nice, would fit regular Wolves models just fine. :)

  3. Thanks guys - much appreciated. glad he sits suitably "wolfy"

    I havent got paint on him yet, officially becuase i dont have the "right" grey

    unofficially because i'm procrastinating about the right shade of grey for this wolf. torn between a more neutral tone and going whole hog for the powder blue of the studio minis.

  4. He's an outstanding looking Wolf!

    I use Vallejo model color dark and medium sea grays for my wolves. It turns out to be a nice neutral grey that takes them back to their original color scheme.



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