Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Last Wolfguard

Ohh, good title for a short story :P
This is the last troop for my small Wolf force, with two razorback transports to follow.
Another home made combi melta and power weapon. Now, on my last post it was pointed out to me that I could save points and have more attacks with a different Loadout, and while I did briefly consider it, I didn't change the setup. Partly because I’m not really about that level of tweaking, but also because I had intended for this force to pop vehicles efficiently (fist plus two melta, plus las transport) and slaughter troops mercilessly, – and I think the extra power weapon attack does more to the troops, which is currently weaker, than the extra pfist attack adds to the already strong anti-vehicle. anyway time and play will tell.
Anyhoo, short update as I’m back at work now (boo) so progress will be a little slower during the week :)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice wolf.

    As to the bulb setup you've now got, seems like quite a lot of fuss to me, but then I've never had any complaints whilst using my much simpler system. Though my minis don't have the same level of detail as yours, so that may be it.

    How long did the chaos warrior in the photo test pics take?

    And thanks for commenting on my little Blog, nice to know I have the occasional visitor.


  2. Hi E :) thanks for dropping by.

    Never a problem posting, I like your work, your lamenters and dwarves both.

    The photo set up I have now is actually one of the quickest to set up i've ever used and I can get great detail from it, it's about exposure time mostly, which is dependant on the right light, to get all the little mistakes to really show up :)

    the chaos warrior took betwwen 6-7 hours over a couple of days I'd say, which is a long time for me, but I'm working at getting better with that and taking my time over models.

    as to the 'evy metal lemartes, from your post, yeah, lenses, wierd. if you look at this one - it looks like the guy has painted the lens into the recess. I'm not convinced I could do that, even if I wanted to :)


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