Monday, 16 August 2010

Grey Hunter Squads built

I’ve also assembled one of the Wolf guard in PA who will accompany them, I’m missing a set of legs for the other guy, so I’ve ordered that. I do have kneeling legs, and tried it, but couldn't make it work. then I realised why.
Space Wolves don’t kneel!
Here they are.
Squad one (I know, they need names..)
All the “file troops” were modelled with chainsword and Bolter, really so that it’s obvious that they have that dual-role.
Powerfist and Meltagunner, This squad was fairly vanilla, again I like to learn my way round a kit before I start converting much. The meltagunner does have normal tac squad legs though.
Their Wolf Guard with a home-made combi-melta.
Melta and two file troops for squad two. again here and there I’ve used tac squad bitz to get the pose I wanted.
File troops and Powerfist for squad two. I wanted a different Powerfist so used one from the termie box tagged onto an arm from the ravenwing bike sprue.
Wolf guard two will appear as soon as his legs arrive :)
on the vehicles front the raider is in the paint shop as we speak, the razors have yet to be ordered.
I must say that this kit was also excellent fun to put together, and I look forward greatly to building a huge pack of bloodclaws from it, This and the wolf guard kit offer so much in the way of bitz and options, I can really see why wolves have taken off the way they have, choice, flexibility and character.
Thanks for reading while I build these guys, primer and paint soon!


  1. Hey, I really dig the posing on the minis...

  2. Totally awesome, I love the 3D great company badges!

    I look forward to the painting!


  3. sweet 3d badges...I wish I had the patience for that, its very rewarding. I just buy the pads, which are beyond expensive

  4. Why not put the fist on the Wolf Guard instead of the Grey Hunter, so they gain +1A and it's 5 points cheaper?

  5. Is it me, or did you pick the same Great Company as me (Sven Bloodhowl's)? :)

    Waiting to see them painted!

  6. Great work on those guys, the posing looks really good, nicely aggressive.
    Can't wait to see them start to see some paint.

  7. Hi guys and thanks for all the comments, I've got a good feeling from these wolves so far :)

    Big Jim, I agree, totally, It was seeing yours last summer that inspired me, I just filed it away untill I was making an appropriate army, so thanks :) yours were much neater if I recall though :)

    Canolli, these rough offering were all press molded from a single decent sculpt, so it's not that much effort. and it helps your chapter badges retain some uniformity, which is my largest problem with freehand.

    Anon, theres a very simple answer to your question - I hadnt thought it through that much :)

    Hal'jin - I did indeed! close combat specialist, with flamer, melta and tattooos! how could I resist :P

    Well I've got my legs and am just finishing up the last Wolf Guard. vehicles next then I'm going to be anlging for someone to give me a 1k game and starting in on paint!


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