Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Games day figure

Not mine, but a friends. which of course means I’ve had it sat here for nearly a year and hadn’t painted it for him.
I’ve rectified that now.
I’m still having a devilish difficult time photographing these more complex pieces so as to do justice to them. tomorrow I’m off to Ikea for a dustbin, like Roman suggests to see if that helps any.
I painted him with no metallics at all and have him mounted on a simple rock outcrop. i deliberately left his slottatab intact so that if the owner decides to sell him, the new owner will have a totally intact games day mini to do what he wants with.
This is another figure that taught me a lot, especially about light sources and reflections,, now I know it wont win a demon, not even close, but if each one of these guys helps me to improve I will feel better :) There's a lot on him I’m proud of, and some thing I know could be better. Like I said the photos really dont do justice. I’ll work on that.
In other news, my order of paints from SnM stuff arrived today, I must say Sean there was very helpful and the stuff arrived really promptly. I think I just found a new supplier :) Anyway with those here, I feel about ready to take on that wolf I’ve built, so expect to see him in a few days.
Thanks for reading, and for being patient with me while I paint some, frankly, odd stuff. for this blog at least.


  1. Oops, I linked to the wrong page on SnMStuff, I meant to like the "pick your own sets" which are about the best value paints you'll get in the uk - 8 VGC paints for 9.95.

    oh, I'm not on commision or anything, I just have found only a few suppliers in the UK and those are usually out of stock of the paints I want, not so this store. so I thought I'd share.

  2. Nice work on a nice mini. Great NMM!

  3. I think the main problem with your photographs is that there are too much shadows near the bottom of the mini. You need to reflect more light from below, or place your lamp in a different position and diffuse the light more.

    You might also want to try out my technique:

  4. Love your work, very nice indeed!!!!! Love the conversion stuff too very much.

  5. Hi guys, thanks for the comments.

    Corvus, that's almost identical to my current set up. the only differece being that I use white reflective scrim as my diffuser, not foil.

    I've picked up an ikea bucket however, and have a couple of colder (6500k) bulbs on order so that should help me out no end. - I'll post results :)


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