Thursday, 1 July 2010

Template madness

I too am seized by the blogger template bug.
It started with a “hm, I need to update those sidebar pictures” and has ended with a new look.
I used to think I was very attached to the black, plain look of the blog, then I played with these for a bit, intent that I wouldn't apply them, but going back felt.. well like going back.
I’m Very keen to hear what you think, after all it’s you who has to read it :)
Not much progress of late. ‘twas my birthday at the weekend so it was spent in a drunken stupor, and work has been busy this week too so not much energy left.
The birthday fairy did leave a few 40k deposits and I’ve built a couple already, demon that I am, but if you’ve seen one primered Valkyrie you’ve pretty much seen them all, I’ll post some pics when I have some paint on.
In the meantime however, I offer my new Bastonne substitute, and an interesting use for a Valk door gunner -
DSC_5638 DSC_5639 DSC_5640
It makes a fairly decent carapace armour stand in.
I intend not to upgrade his squad, and I’m using Kasrkin as carapace armoured vets elsewhere, so this fits quite nicely.
Thankyou for reading, and I’ll hopefully have some paint sloshed around soon.


  1. Happy birthday, and congrats on the model - he looks really badass.

  2. Thanks man, on both counts :)

    Quick heads up - I've done a very very nasty quick fix on the banner - it needed to be much longer for this template it turns out.

    consider the thing above us a placeholder, I'll do a totally new one in the next day or two.

  3. Template and fig both look great!

  4. Happy birthday! This guy looks killer, mucho kudos!

  5. Thanks guys :)

    I have a long weekend away form work this week so hopefully I can get some more progress done on these IG. :)


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