Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Why did I never build one of these before?
Honestly, I didn't think I liked them. way back when Dark Eldar were new and Guard had just had the Catachans come out, a friend of mind went mad for the lil’ rambo guys. and that included the sentinels. I didn't like the Catachans, still don’t but I think my dislike of them got wrapped up with a perceived dislike of the sentinel and there we were. I never revisited that opinion.
Fast forward to now, and I’m creating a Veteran guard force who are (if such a thing as fluff exists for my armies) a foward element, recon and fast strikes. So what fits with that list? scout sentinels. I felt I had to include at least one.
What can I say, this is a really cool kit, it’s so poseable (yes I know I made a mistake, let’s not talk about that) and dead easy to paint (in 3 sections)
What can I say, I’m a convert – I really like this kit and think this fellow will be getting a friend.


  1. Nice work on this model.
    I am really surprised to not see more of these on the table.
    Even with AC 10, they can create Havoc coming on from an edge.

  2. That's one nice looking walker mate, I might have to dig out the kit and put another together for my force.

  3. Nicely done. I suspect that the AC is the most versitile load for a sentinal.

    I've got one left. I just can't decide whether it should go to the heretics or one of the more normal formations. Or trash it for scenery. Or convert it for the =I=. er....

  4. I've always liked the plastic Sentinel. It is a fun kit to put together. I really like the two-tone painting style with this one. Wish I'd thought to mine like this.

  5. The old catachan sentinals I always loved, for I like your friend started out as a Catachan player. I always thought the sentinal kit was fantastically versatile.

    The new kit blows the socks off the old one. From the multi-posable legs to the varied weapon loadouts, sentinals are arguably my favourite kit. I have 6 old ones painted, along with 4 more old and 5 new still to paint - as well as having plans for 3 more converted ones. They're just so easy to work with!

  6. Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by, and for commenting.

    Magilla, yeah I think to get value for money out of these guys you have to take the scout version. outflanking two heavy weapons at such a cheap points cost has got to be a good distraction unit at the very least. and if it pops a light vehicle or nails an meq or two it's a bonus.

    Col, Thanks man, always happy to have made someone delve into the crack pile for a kit to get cracking on :)

    ZZzz, yeah I went with the ac for versatility. I mean, a lascannon is good, but with 1 shot at BS3 its not going to be a terrible distraction. 2 s7 shots however.. and if you take two of them, 4 S7 shots, now we're talking about something problematic :) and with outflank you can pretty much guarentee rear/side shots.

    Kevin, as I said, it's my first one and i'm totally a convert. not sure what you mean by two-tone though? the paint on the elgs? or the overall metal/paint look?

    Ginge, welcome :) yeah it's nice having the weapon options, I suppose the one i would want though, (which would make it op i expect) would be the multi-melta like the elysian drop sentinal. pop pne of those on an outflanker and youre getting some serious trouble :) but yeah, I can see now why spains GD had two of em take silver and gold one year. wicked kit.


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