Thursday, 8 July 2010

Painting Guardsman Faces and Camouflage

Well the poll caught me out a bit.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to pop a vote in by the way – it’s helped me to focus my content.
You’re getting a twofer, partly because the poll switched on me, and partly so I can ask a question.
You see, when I sat down to start painting, the Camo vote was clearly ahead.
By the time I was done painting and editing video, the Face vote was ahead.
So I have a very concisely edited Camo video. And What I have done is a much rougher, rawer edit of the Flesh.
I’ve left a commentary from me in the flesh tut, and I haven't speeded the video up. what you see on that one is what you get, it’s longer. about 15 mins. (hence youtube’s new rules forcing me to split it into two parts)
The camo tut, I’ve stripped to the essentials and added text, no voice. (the issue with the voice is I am behind the camera, and ofc the mic faces forward.) Its about 6 mins.
As always apologies for the crappy music but it’s the only way not to be sued :)
So, here are the vids. What I’d really like from you is, if you can bear to watch them, or god forbid find them useful, pop me a comment and tell me which is more watchable, help me to make better videos in the future. do you like voice? do you prefer text? does the speeding up make it more watchable, etc etc.
Guardsman Faces

Guardsman Camouflage
There you have it. I’m getting better as resolutions and output etc – these should all be available in HD and only one has some slight aspect ratio issues :)

Enjoy, Assembly 101 coming next, Vehicles being filmed ::)


  1. That camo one's great - and I've painted a lot of camo over the years!

    It is a little jerky, though...

  2. Either you make it look easy, or the play speed is faster than real life. Either way, great tutorial and fantastic look on the mini.

    Never thought to use my thumb nail as a means to lessen the paint on the brush. That's one take-away for me!

  3. My only suggestion would be to talk a little louder. Everything else is great...even the music!


  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time to look at these.

    Drax - the jerkyness is going to be for one of two reasons, as a result of speeding things uo, or dropped frames. I was taxing my maching, by proicessing one video while I worked on abother, so dropped frames are likely, I'll try not to let that happen again :)

    Kevin - The play speed on the camo tut is indeed 3x life :) I was trying two different ways to make videos, the 1:1 with narrative approach, which usually means I have to plsit the video as youtube has a 10 min limit, or the "Les bursley" approach of speeding things up and captioning. I'll let you guys tell me which is preferable (or a combination)

    Col. - I hear your, even if you cant hear me. the issue is, I am talking loud, and the mic gain is up - the problem is I am sat behind the webcam, therefore behind the mic. the worst possible position. I may need to find myself a headset and bypass the mic on the camera.

    okay, thanks for those comments, I'll try and do a slightly better job on the vehicle tut, which is "in progress" and I'll get the building 101 up after the weekend :)

  5. Awesome video! I am was just today thinking about camo patterns for my pathfinders, and this was a great vid.

    Also, thank you for speeding it up...the speed is perfect!!!

    Its slow enough to get the details of what you are doing, but fast enough not to be tedious...


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