Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Homebrew Primaris Psyker part 2

More a quick update than a full blown “part 2” really, as I didn't manage as much today as I’d planned.
This is his current condition. quite rough but structural GS on the coat. I decided to blend the sleeves into the existing sculpted plastic to stop the arms being too bulky. I’ve added some boot aquilla and sorted the eye on his staff
the coat and collar still need work, a shoulder pad, some straps a bit more form around the collar. I still have to decide whether to add any gubbins to his head or not too.
I’m not 100% happy with him, but I’m not disappointed either. I get this, this stage of WiP when I’m ambivalent. I usually don't share work when I feel that way, but I thought I would this time. :)
Thanks for reading !


  1. I appreciate you sharing. Often when I'm following someone's work with greenstuff, they jump ahead a few steps and don't show fully how they got from one version to the next. It's nice to see the model slowly grow even when it doesn't look quite right now, If I were to try and mimic it, at least I wouldn't get too disappointed at this stage because my version doesn't look like the original.

  2. I love it - the whole model is coming along beautifully. The tip for the breatplate from the Greatsword box is awesome - I'm planning on re-doing my command squads and I've run out of the old 1st ed torsos... Can't wait to see more!

  3. What an outstanding model! I'm going to have to see what kind of empire bits I have now to do something similar.

  4. Thanks guys :)

    I'm going to put some more time in on him once I've got the right head on. I know what needs doing, but atm I'm feeling the need to paint so I'm on with that,

    Eltnot, I feel that frustration too, I'm not sure I can ever reallt show people how I do stuff unless they are there with me, Video is a step closer but still.. not quite. but hopefully you can see enough to have a positive effect on your process:)

    Mord, GLad I could help :) some of the empire BP's are better than others for this, depnding on what's emblazoned on them. I'd shop around a bitz site, rather than pick up the box as its expensive.

    Huson, go for it mate, and please blog your results :)

  5. I am super new to GreenStuff and I am really impressed with your robes and such. How do you do it exactly?

  6. Hi Playa :)

    I did a whole bunch of tutorials some time last year, feel free to have a check back -

    thats the start of a step-by step on a daemonhost I built.

    and this is a quick coat tut-

    there are tons of good tutorials out there, from (which are very advanced) to blogs like mine with advice on. the best thing is to find something you want to acheive, and have a go, make mistakes, ask question and keep practicing :)

    if you want o know anything specific, pop a comment or send me an email (adress in in "Who?")

  7. Always an interesting tutorial to be found here, and this is no exception. The Greatsword torso is a great tip, and the Masonic apron a great idea.
    I've been collecting older metal GW minis and converting them for use as Sanctioned Psychers. I haven't gotten to making a Primaris Psycher yet, but will be keeping this article in mind when I get there.
    If you're looking for a "crisper" eye for the staff, try bending two short, thin strips of plasticard on each side of a small rod. Glue the tips of the two strips together, as well as to the rod, so it looks like an eye. Not sure if you could do it as narrow as you have here, but once you have it together you could cut or file it down to size. I've been planning to put a tutorial together when I do my next fig, but have other projects in the queue.

  8. This is a seriously good conversion. I am planning to do my Psyker Battle squad using plastic components and this is going to be very helpful.


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