Monday, 19 July 2010

Homebrew Primaris Psyker part 1

Because I need a cheap, powerful HQ and I really don't like GW’s model. don’t get me wrong, I like the elements that make up the model, just something about the proportions and pose that don't sit well with me, So I’m having a go.
Step 1: Gather some bitz:

I didn't plan this at all really, this was just the result of digging through what I already had, – in hindsight I might have wanted 1 or 2 more pieces for this build, like a thunder hammer shaft maybe
I decided early on that the pockets on the guardsman’s legs had to go.
Followed shortly after by the decision that  the coat-tails needed to amscre also
I spent a while experimenting with Brown stuff trying to make some of the iconography i would need. more of that later.
The first gluing was the legs to the base, then the Greatsword torso to the legs. I’d been holding on to this in the thought that I might do a commissar – but both commissars and primaris psykers are depicted in breastplate’s so here we go.
The next step was the little Masonic apron :)
And the eye thereon, with a little implied piping too, not sure how well that will paint however. it’s a bit rough. at this stage i also added a holstered pistol and belt.
I selected an arm from the empire militia sprue in classic “emperor says “…then DIE”” pose. choose a head form the flagellant sprue and added an =][= symbol and a pouch. the cabling is trusty guitar string.
His other arm comes courtesy of the militia sprue too, with a cadian respirator and a space marine terminator topper. I've carved off the crux and will make up the eye symbol around the gem.
that’s how he sits now, I’m going to GS a storm coat on and do some tidying up, but then I think he’s done. a quick and easy way to get a slightly more dynamic Primaris Psyker.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks great! It's so impressive to see you start off with just a few bits but end up with such a cool and unique model.

  2. Amazing work! I'm sure a GS coat will look good, but I'd be tempted to leave him as is. That said, will you add any tiny wires running into his brain? :)

  3. sweet!

    off topic here..but how do u paint your flesh on your IG looks great!

  4. Great work on the conversion! The brown-stuff work looks really good. This is the reason I love the plastic models so much, you took parts from 5+ kits to make one great looking individual!

  5. Thanks for the comments gents,

    I'm going to get to finishing the build on this fellow hopefully today, if I dont get too distracted planning a new board.

    Papa, I'm glad you like it, I think the point pf the post is that it's possible for every player to do this, rather than settle for a sculpt we are unhappy with (I see a lot of complaints about the Primaris Psyker on the web) we all have huge bitz boxes it's just a matter of playing lego :)

    Rabid, I hear what you're saying, but some of the back of him is a bit rough, and the original model does have the coat. if I put one on and dont like it, it's easy to peel off :)

    Canolli, funny you should ask, about 4 posts back is a video :)

    byt the short answer is, grey primer, base dwarf flesh, highlight elf flesh, wash devlan mud, highlight elf flesh, wash ogryn flesh, highlight elf flesh and bleached bone, final lip wash with baal red. :)

    D'nyarak, I was going to argue with you about how many kits, but your right :). i just pillaged bitz boxes, but the list would be -

    Arms - both from empire militia kit
    Legs - IG cadians
    Torso - i think its the greatsword, but it could be empire general - either would do.
    Head - flagellant - the one with the stocks
    other bits -
    holster - space marine commander I think (could be IG vehicle upgrade)
    weapon topper - assault termie sprue
    weapon "gubins" respirator from cadian command sprue

    so that's seven kits.


    lets be honest though I bet we've all got tons of bitz from a score of kits. and if anyone wanted to emulate this I'm sure they could find stand-ins.

    if not - well, that's what bitz sites are for, right?

    as I said though, were this a planned build I'd have used slightly different parts.

  6. Nice. I'd just glue a holstered pistol to a plastic flagellant and call it done. Quite incredible that you have more or les recreated the GW bloke in another pose. I've never even considered such a thing...

  7. sweet ill check out the video! thanks!


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