Saturday, 3 July 2010

Help me Prioritise

I have a few hobby tasks ahead of me in the next few days and I was considering tutorialising (if that’s a word) some or all of them.
I’m looking for a bit of input on which i should get done and uploaded first. I might even make a poll :)
I basically need to build a few guardsmen (to replace the test models from my earlier post)
I was considering doing a very basic build tutorial.
I need to paint a few, so was thinking about a tut for faces, and one for the camo I am using.
I also need to paint a few vehicles, and though there is a chimera tut on here, I’ve learned a lot since then, so might run through that.

Prioritise me

Aha, it worked, a poll :)
feel free to let me know as I said I’ll probably work on all of them, but prioritise the one that gets the most interest :)

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