Saturday, 17 July 2010

Ghillie suit

On one of the blogs I follow, Dei Greci the creative talent, Klaus has been working on an amazing scratch build project. He is at the point where he is populating it with troops and has achieved some truly inspiring things with the posing and construction of the guys. If you aren't following, you should be.
He’s kind of why I created this model, and post. I’ve seen one thing on the whole of his blog I thought I would do differently. A Ghillie suit. Now, don't get me wrong, Klaus is an absolute genius with this stuff and I’m sure that when he’s done his ghillie suit will look amazing, but the wip he posted looked a bit.. off to me. and started me thinking how I would approach it.
It’s a difficult thing, would I try to GS it? surely that would end up just looking a mess? the plasticard approach Klaus has taken, looked too rigid to me, so I thought about the way I do camo netting.
I set about building a model (and improvising a sniper rifle from bitz) then reached for my crepe bandage and glue.
Here’s the result -
DSC_5699 DSC_5700
I’m not saying this result is better, for one I haven't seen a finished version from Klaus, just WiP, but this is more how I would approach the problem, and it did strike me as a problem, hence my need to work through and find an answer for myself.
I’d love it if these blogs worked more like this, like a discussion between creatives, so I’m picking up on something from another blog, working through it and throwing it back out there, maybe someone else can take it up further, and before long we’ll have some real creative discussion going on on here :)
Anyway I’m going to throw this back at Klaus now and see what he thinks of my solution :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've never done a whole gilly suit, so can't offer much. I have done a bit of similar camo on a sniper rifle once. I used thin strips of paper towel. It would take a while to make a suit out of it, but it looked good on the rifle barrel.
    A good gilly suits is custom made by the sniper. No two look alike. Kind of the same here between you and every other suit out there. Truth be told though, what will set them apart is how they're painted. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

  2. Hey Karitas,
    I never felt it like "something negative and then walk away" :)
    I really like your solution - great idea.
    I was working with the "PVA soaked paper on an experimental piece, but it wassticking to the model too much, following the models contours too close.
    I know there are many different ghillies out there - and also depending on the terrain.
    The basic idea I wanted to use was this one
    But adjusted to the rugged, Marsian terrain on Dencara.
    So I figured I must be able to have deep areas (almost black) and then layers of different colors. So the "close to the model" type wouldn't allow me for that.
    Well, I will have to see how he turnes out once painted :)
    ...and if doens't turn out the way I want it, I will surely try your approach with GS and glued paper stips.

  3. Hi Klaus, I'm happy you aren't offended by this :) and yeah I saw the same picture, which Is why I went for the cloak style ghillie rather than the full suit. I've seen your most recent post and he looks much better with some gluing down, as you say it'll be fixed in paint :)

    the key to the above is strips of pva soaks crepe bandage, rather than paper, and where I have used paper, I use masking tape, then fix it with a little superglue. It's much easier to work with that way.

    Kevin, you and me both, :) I really look forward to seeing Klaus's model come alive in paint, and I must try for a desert/savannah coloured ghillie. eep.

  4. Hi Karitas,
    in case you haven't seen it yet, I have completed the Ghillie :)
    I'm quite satisfied with the outcome.
    Check it out:


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