Sunday, 13 June 2010

Veteran Squad Almost done

These guys are quite quick to paint once you get into your stride with them.
I think I’m done with paint unless anyone out there has any really good ideas that I haven't incorporated yet :)
What remains is to dress the bases and to introduce the guys to a coat of Klear and some weathering powders.
I’ve ordered some more yellow grasses so we’ll see what happens with that.
Here they are:
Just a group shot, though I’ll share some details in a sec.
I think they look pretty good. – Its not the unit you've seen members of already this is my up close an personal squad, mainly because the weapon team for the other guys is in the post and I couldn't possibly have them painted as a full unit yet.
some details I’m fairly pleased with -
(please bear in mind these pics are close ups and waay bigger than the mini is irl, they might look a bit rough and not reflect the actual mini.)
 DSC_5536 DSC_5537
Tattoos. some squad markings and an aquilla. I think these worked pretty well.
The Sergeant’s head. this time yesterday this was sat in a bitz box as an empire militia guy with a silly hat. Hair is GS.
This Bloke’s goggles, and his eyes. He’s Forge world. his eyes are TINY.
And this fellow’s bandaged face, another FW guy but he painted up really well.
I’m going to tackle the transport this week too if I get time, although with a possibility of 4 late nights at work this week I might not get to it.
Thanks for stopping by, and as always any comments, positive or developmental are more than welcome.


  1. You made a nice jop of that squad, that tats are a nice touch, are they freehand or transfer?


  2. Jaw-droppingly good. Very nice work you've got here, kudos.

  3. Yeah they came up a treat. Well done mate. Your camo/colour choices are vindicated by the quality of the overall unit.

    The FW parts work really well.

    Oh, and nice edge higlights ;)

    Keep at it mate.

  4. Great looking vet squad. I like the empire head sergeant. The GS came out well. Tattoos look great on a vet squad. I'll have to keep that in mind for my next set.

  5. Thanks everyone, I'm quite excited about this force, but i'm a little trepidacious about the armoured vehicles.


    Other Kevin - Yeah, I just though that, well veterans are "lifers" so theyll likely have regimental tatts and such.

    E, they are freehand, but with a micron pen.

    Rogue, thanks man, I've been looking for an excuse to use these shotgun vet parts for ages, I really like how dynamic they are.

    And Gyro, Really glad you liked them, hope you didnt hurt your jaw though :)

  6. They looks really great. I particularly like the grungy, unshaven look you've got with the faces, and the tattoos. The head swaps have worked really well. Great Stuff!!

  7. That's some seriously awesome veterans! :)The camo looks great and the choice of colors makes them look very real.

  8. Great models mate! Really individual

  9. Wow - beautiful!

    I'm very excited about their transport now, too...

    - D.


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