Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Veteran Guardsman in Desert Camo

I think I’ve found a scheme I can really get behind.
Don’t misunderstand me I Liked a few of the guys in the last post, but they didn't quite hit the nail totally on the head for me.
My gaming buddy Microgod really liked the forest camo. and part of me did too, becuase of the balance of camo and contrast.
the respondands to the post were unanilous in thier support of the desert scheme. Rogue Pom particularly had some very useful things to say about it. And while I agree warm colours is the way to go, I did myself find it a tad lacking in contrast, to the point that I feared a unit would become a blur of Khaki.
Rogue’s last response was quite supportive of the scheme and he suggested a few things I’ve taken on board, a bit of contrast on the gunsight lens, that was really needed, a lighter colour base also was an important step.
there are a few things I’ve deviated from, for which I hope Rogue will forgive me :) I did re-evaluate the camo. and I haven't yet used a decal. but that’s not to say I wont once I have given more thought to unit markings.
I do also intend to mix up the foliage a little with some other, more burned out colours.
anyway, enough procrastination and preamble. here’s the most recent iteration.
DSC_5521 DSC_5522 DSC_5523 DSC_5524
I’m very interested to hear opinions, I’m also interested to see if I’ve managed to better the previous few attempts :)
Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Looks very good overall, very nice transitions between the different colors. I'm also quite impressed with the face, getting the "five o'clock shadow" look is very hard to do.

  2. Well done mate - perfect balance right there. I think you have enough going on with the various bitz on the mini now that there is plenty of contrasting action. Simple black armour - chanes the whole dynamic. And well done with your flesh tones and stubble. Now you just need a light highlight on that gun and your set.


  3. Thanks Guys, I am quite pleased with the face.

    It's dwarf flesh base, elf flesh highlight, wash with ogryn flesh. highlight again with Elf Flesh.

    Then for the stubble its VMC Basalt grey, very dilute, 3/4 coats to build it up, eyes as usual and a final dab of Baal red on the lip.

    If you were wondering :P

    Rogue, the armour isnt quite black, which is easier to see irl, but it's VMC German camo black/brown. I think it retains a warmer tone overall and provides a slight contrast between the actual black of the belt and weapon. oh and I went ahead and popped an edge highlight on the weapon for you :)

    I've another guardsman on the table now getting the same scheme, and a video for some of the Ork paint in the works. so I'm getting a hobby fix in again, which feels good , but I should have pics of two guys side by side soon.


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