Friday, 11 June 2010

Proof of concept

I painted a second Guardsman with the same scheme.
DSC_5526 DSC_5527 DSC_5528
I still like it.
That’s usually a good sign. I can paint these fellows quite quickly, and I’ve some nice ideas for the future direction with my Guardsmen. That’s new, previously I was a tad depressed with them.
I think I’ve painted way too much grey :)
But these fellows and the Orks are really getting me interested in painting again, for it’s own sake, rather than to “get something finished” which is good.
I took a few shots of the two together to test the impact of more than 1.
DSC_5530 DSC_5532DSC_5531
Again I think it works.
I promise however not to post every single figure as it’s painted. next post on these guys will be when there more than just two :)
I’ve got devious plans brewing now. involving “re-tasking” some of my Inquisitorial chimeras and getting around to maybe finally painting those Leman Russes I have languishing in primer.
oh and there might be a Valk in my future. /droool.


  1. Wow, awesome job! I especially like the details on the face and the demo charge. An all around great effort!

  2. Looking badass there mate. I like them a lot. Group shot at 10.


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