Friday, 25 June 2010

Everything’s gone Guard

In the spirit of the last post, and taking stock a little after the release of the DH/WH PDF’s I find I want to put my DH on hold.
I love the army, their play style and so on, but I am first and foremost a modeller and painter, second a player. Any army I have in my sights will be being worked on, developed and added to.
with an army that is clearly due for an update, how ever far away that is, I begin to feel like any work I do could be superseded and written off at any time.
To that end, I’m focussing on my guard and my orks, as I love both model ranges and enjoy the different painting and modelling challenges thrown up by each army.
Guard are in my sights at the moment because they are the most built/playable force out of the two.
I have a rather nice, but hopelessly “un-optimal” list for about 2k, it goes something like this -
Company Command Squad
3 Company Command Squad Medi-pack; Vox Caster; Plasmagun x1; Colour Sergeant Kell; Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken)
Chimera Heavy Flamer; Camo Netting; Dozer Blade; Pintle Heavy Stubber

Veteran Squad Vox Caster; Shotgun x6; Flamer x2; Heavy Flamer; Sergeant Bastonne; Demolitions; Forward Sentries; Grenadiers
Ministorum Priest Eviscerator, Shotgun
Lord Commissar Power weapon, Bolt Pistol
Chimera Heavy Flamer; Camo Netting; Dozer Blade; Pintle Heavy Stubber
Veteran Squad Lasgun x6; Demolition Charge; Melta Bombs; Vox Caster; Plasmagun x3; Gunnery Sergeant Harker; Demolitions
Ministorum Priest Eviscerator, Shotgun
Chimera Heavy Flamer; Camo Netting; Dozer Blade; Pintle Heavy Stubber
Leman Russ Demolisher Camo Netting; Heavy Flamer; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2; Dozer Blade;
Leman Russ Executioner Camo Netting Lascannon; Dozer Blade
Valkyrie Lascannon, Multiple Rocket Pods x2
Storm Trooper Squad Grenade Launcher Storm Trooper Sergeant
Guardsman Marbo   
Total Roster Cost: 2050
Dropping Marbo or a few optional extras will put it under 2k.
In order to play this list I did need a few characters, and I really don't like catachans, so I had to make my own :)
I started with a couple more Priests
 DSC_5602 DSC_5603 DSC_5604
DSC_5606 DSC_5607 DSC_5608
Then moved on to the notables. I already had this Harker built
DSC_5610  DSC_5612
But Had the devil of a time getting my Kell to hold his flag.

DSC_5614 DSC_5615 DSC_5616
My Marbo – all out of demopacks in the bitzbix dagnabbit. I’ll get him one.
DSC_5618 DSC_5619 DSC_5620
My Straken. the shotgun arm wouldnt play ball, the resin was terribly crumbly and the superglue crystalised. so thats a future repair job. for now though I’m okay with him
DSC_5622 DSC_5623
I have done my usual trick of seeing a lot of missed flash and tweaks once they are photographed so I’ll get to fixing those before paint.
So there you have it another update. I seem to be managing to keep up at the moment, so Fingers crossed :)


  1. Great stuff! Are those non-cadian heads from one of the Empire kits?

    For my counts-as Marbo, I figured he always throws the charge as soon as he enters play, so no reason to model one on him!

  2. Those models look great - especially like the use of the SM scout heavy bolter, as well as the conversions for the priests, Marbo, and Straken.

    These guys are going to look phenomenal once painted up - keep 'em coming!

  3. Some really great conversions here. I favor the priest for some reason, probably because of the eviscerator conversion. I'd scrape the Seargeant's stripes off the first one, though.
    I need to make a Marbo, and now I'm liking the kneeling pose you have here.

  4. Hi Guys, thanks for taking the time to comment :)

    sonsoftaurus - There's a few empire kit heads among my troops, in this lot a head from the militia kit (I actually had it from Mordheim :P) a head from the greatsword box and a flagellant head too. good call on the demo pack too :)

    Badelaire, good spot on the bolter :) I used scouts to make my IST's so have a lot of hvy bolters bolt psitols and blades I didnt use :)

    Other Kevin, I did mean to.. and I did the others, this guy just sliped through in the late night building frenzy. If you decide to go ahead with a Marbo al the bitz are failry self explanatory with the exception possinly of the knife hand - it's actually the arm-in-a-sling from the cadian command squad with the strapping removed.

    now to get the airbrush out and turn everything kakhi :)

  5. Great conversions that second priest is my fave.

  6. the priests are great and your conversion work is truly inspiring. Its funny but aside from the priest and the chimera i run the same set up for my harker vet squad. it works pretty well usually. though last time i used it the squad killed four of its own members (2 plasmas got hot and the charge scattered back on to my guys)and only three enemy thousand sons. so be careful they are fun but temperamental to say the least.

  7. Great conversions all! I particularly like the second priest, as the Other Kevin aid that eviscerator is fantastic!

  8. Hi everyone, and thankyou :)

    Blitz, I think I like him most too. Ive found that marine scale chainswords look about right for eviscerators, this one has the hilt from a chaos marauder horseman axe slapped in place.

    Inquisitor M, yeah every time I run them they melt themselves too. the way I mitigate it, and the reason for the vox is i try to use "bring it down" at every opportunity.

    Thanks jmezz :)

    YEah he seems popular, I think it's the snarly face - from the flagellant box if i recall.

  9. Oh. These are simply awesome. Bloody well done!

  10. Thanks very much Canolli, Drax :P


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