Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Daemonhunter and Witchhunter Codices


I'm not sure what the wider DH/WH  community was expecting from this, I had heard talk of a points re-balance, or someting in line with the old BA codex.

What we seem to have got is exactly what we already have, minus the fluff and pictures and in digital format and free.

I'm a little underwhelmed if I'm honest.


  1. Don't forget the loss of allies for Daemonhunters!

  2. And now there is no good reason not to torrent the old files (save for the legal stuff) to get the pictures and so on back.

    Here's hoping that they rebalance the codices and come out with plastic models. I might actually buy some more GW if that happens. Plastic GKT....yes please.

  3. I'm sorry, but I don't follow. Did they release a new PDF or something?

  4. they did indeed, though I hesitate to use "new" rather think, "butchered"

    it's in the astronomican

    but you'll need to be logged in.

    Yeah and the loss of Daemonhunters AS allies, which I think is really wha this whole thing is about, stopping guard players using the mystic/mystic =][=

  5. It's retardedddd
    Couldn't they just fix the points value for transports and th/ss and give them the right smoke? Not that much to ask, I could do it in 10 minutes >_>;

    The army would still be imbalanced but at least you wouldn't be getting screwed as specifically.

  6. Wow... as an IG/WH/DH player, this "revision" sucks so much, I want to buy a ticket to the UK, drive to Nottingham, and kick everyone in their HQ in the balls.

    Anyone want to split gas across the Atlantic?

  7. Looks like GW answered my question: Paper codex trumps PDF

  8. That's a relief.

    Seems nothing has changed then after all except the availability of a printed codex.

    Its dissapointing that a company like GW cant get something like this right, when a lone pirate in a bedroom somewhere can torrent a better version of thier codex.

    but it gives me hope that they arent abandoning us, just filling a gap between the end of one print run, and the beggining of another..


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