Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I’ve had this guy a while, and thought I’d paint him up to round out the 12 seats in the Chimera for my Vet squad.

DSC_5598 DSC_5600DSC_5599

I know, lots of points and kp in one chimera, again, fluffy list, not an optimal one, If i really want to win I’m fairly confident I can do that sat in front of army builder before a single die is cast most of the time, but that’s not what these blokes are for.

This chap’s paint turned out well, though he looks shiny in the picture because I klear coated him, but hadn't dullcoted yet. oops.

And I have no idea what’s going on with that smear on his lapel, but I’m looking at him and that just isn't there on the model. must be a reflection or something.

Anyway that finishes off this small guard contingent for now. time to get the Orks to 550, which means some bikers, a biker mek, paint on the trukk and another Deffkopta. oh and a buggy or two to convert to modern ork crew. Fun.


  1. Your commissar looks really good, the work you did on his face in particular is awesome. Even if he ends up shooting your guys in the head, at least he'll be doing so in style.

  2. Agreed, you really have a knack with the faces. Keep churning out the mini's they look fantastic.

  3. I've always found the pose and expression of this guy rather cool. He looks like giving a coup de grace, although I'm not sure Commissars would really be that sympathetic.

    That front picture looks very cool. You have indeed done a great job on his face!

  4. Thnaks guys, It took me a long time to get happy with faces.

    I still remember some of my early models, a pink splodge with huge white eyes and tiny pupils so everyone looked like theyd eaten the wrong mushrooms. ahhh. the heady days :)

    I'm fairly happy that i've worked out a few ways to paint faces, as I always consider them a focal point, you can get away with a patchy job elsewhere but we humans always like to look at the faces :)

    maybe I'll do a video next time I paint a guardsman.

  5. Looking great. I was always partial to the Commissar with the backhanding claymore, but this guy definitely has style. Who cares if it's not the most "optimal build" anyhow...

  6. Yeah that "running at the charge" commisar is awesome and probarbly the next one i'll buy.

    I certainly dont care about optimal builds, way I see it, you can win a game sat at army builder, surrounded by codices tweaking and tweaking or you can win a game out on the table learning your army and its strengths anf flaws.

    Hell, I dont really even care about winning, I like the narrative of the games, I play for those moments where a tau drone takes a wound off a dreadnaught :)


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