Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bad Moonz Armour Painting Tutorial Videos

These should have gone up a while ago but I had a few issues. – namely I used “weapon of choice” as the tune, and Youtube spanked me for it and banned the vids, so I had to find some royalty free music, as a result it isn't stunning.
But these Videos have no dialogue on them, so feel free to mute them and use winamp for the tune of your choice :)
This first one is the armour colour itself. these steps would work with any colour.
This technique works for any metal surface. I use it on marines and tanks. sometimes with a highlight on the lower edge.
At the moment of writing these are a bit low resolution, but I believe youtube does that. If there aren't higher res ones available tomorrow I may have to re-upload them.
one last note.
I think I’ve improved this video over the last ones. but ultimately I am making these for you guys to get something from, so if there’s anything you want to see, or want me to try and do differently in the making of them, please let me know.

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