Friday, 25 June 2010

100 posts, and some questions.

So this is the 100th post.
I didn't make a fuss when I passed the year of being back in the hobby milestone. Nor when I passed the year of blogging milestone, so why 100 posts.
Well I didn't really know with the previous markers what to do to “make a fuss”. I let 150 followers slip by uncommented too.
I see a lot of blogs doing giveaways, but I don't know what I’d give away, and what if the winner lives somewhere like Kuala Lumpur?
I suppose I've some things I could part with, or do.
I could offer to make a “winner” a guard character (orgryn excluded) in my own kitbashed style.. or make them a priest to my new template :)
I’ve enough bits to build someone a Mordheim warband or two.
I could put almost a greatsword regiment together, or almost an empire militia band (I've nicked a few bits but largely the boxes are intact) I might even be able to manage a marauder horseman unit.
but most of those are Fantasy units, and this blog is 90% 40k, so it wouldn't feel quite right I don't think.
So I guess the first question is.. what would you guys like me to do? anything? nothing? something I’ve suggested above? something you’ve thought of?
Obviously anything out of range of my current funds will have to be disregarded. I’d love to be able to offer up a baneblade but I don't earn that kind if cash:) but anything else will be given serious consideration. and if there's a few good ideas I’ll put up a poll.
I want to get this going quick though as the original intention was to give it away on my birthday (no, I’m not a hobbit) but I'll settle for as close to it as I can get.
the other part of the line of questioning is thus -
there are 155 people following this. that’s amazing, it tells me I must be doing something worth reading, BUT I’m sure there's stuff I can do better.
I want you to tell me.
help me make the next 100 posts more readable, more interesting.. just.. more. :)


  1. Who says there is a need for there to be a give away. Each blogger gives to the community with each post they make - is more needed than that.

    Without sounding too corny, its your ideas that you share through posting that makes people come and read. Ideas that can be 'borrowed' and used the world over.

    I don't think there is a need for you to change your blog style, or do things that people want. I follow all sorts of blogs - each one offers a unique look into the hobby. I don't need each blog to offer the same content, or a certain post.

    Keep at it the way your going, and good luck for the next 100

  2. Thankyou Rogue, that a lovely response.

    I think I was just looking for a way to "mark" a year, 100 posts and 150 followers, something nice to do for the people who read and follow.

    But wasn't sure how to make that statement.

    I'm in education and at this time of year we reflect on what we are doing and gather student opinions for action points, I guess some of that rubbed off into my blog too :)

  3. I'm with Rogue Pom here: nothing needed other than for you to keep sharing the wealth.

    Thanks, mate, and keep it up!

    - Chris.


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