Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Waagh-Orks In Progress

I thought I’d share a WiP and the first germ of an Idea with you.
Over the last few days, when I’ve had the time I’ve been chipping away at an Ork Trukk build, the vehicle will accompany the Boyz you’ve seen me painting in the last few posts.
I didn't want to build a vanilla trukk however, as that's exactly what I did with my first one, for the AoBR boyz I Painted as Blood Axes.
Here’s it’s current, (very WiP) state
The structure Is basically complete, enclosed engine bay, four wheels, running boards etc. the back flatbed needs aosme more structural work, maybe a tailgate or some more side plating I’m not sure. and the whole things needs detailing – rivets, bolts straps metal panels and bands etc. maybe even a bodged headlight or two.
the devious plan is however two fold.
building the model this way has enabled me to save a few components.
I believe I might just see the germ of a trike there for my Big Mek.
Once I get this finished up and primed I’ll get some paint on the rest of the Boyz, then its onto the two-wheeled lunatics.


  1. I like it.
    I really like it when people think outside the box and make a model that really stands out. I just think it needs a chain of gretchin flying off the rear roll bars....

  2. I like a lot your model I have been seen around a lot of enclosed truckz. I like them a lot so my next truck is going to be an enclosed one, thansk for the inspiration.

  3. Good idea for the truck, and the painting is going great. I really like the skin tones and the yellow plate. What's the progression on that yellow? Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting everyone. :)

    I'm getting much better at sharing work I feel isnt "ready" to be seen :)

    Magilla - I intend to pick up a box of gretchin :) I do feel this trukk needs at least 1, somewhere :P

    Woroxon - thanks man! I'm so glad you can take someting useful away form one of my posts.

    SAJ - the yellow is quite simple, the key is in how the paint is applied rather than the paint used. - prime white, then use very dilte Iyanden, maybe 10 to 1 (i use a "magic wash" of klear/water at 5/1) and apply that in maybe 3-5 coats untill the yellow is deep enough - selective application allows you to preserve some highlights. then a selective devlan mud wash for some shadow in recesses, followed by more selective application of iyanden (lightening with VMC iraqui sand for highlights). then the gryphonne sepia goes on as "rust" and the normal sponge scratch weathering technique slapped on.

    I hope that helps, and If I can next time I paint a boy I'll do a short Vid for you :)

  5. A video would be great, I'd really like to see the model go from primer to finish. Thanks for the run you prime the whole model white, or just pick out areas that will be a light color?

    P.S. I've nearly decided to copy your idea on the truck as well. Looks cool, and it's nice to have those leftover parts


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