Sunday, 25 April 2010

Off the production line

Spent a little time modelling this weekend, Got my Trukk finished, built anyway, and primed, so as soon as I’m feeling brave I’ll get stuck in and start on that.
Here’s some pictures of the finished beastie
DSC_5467 DSC_5468
I wanted it to look well used, and maybe like it was something these guys spent a lot of time in.
I also very much didn't want it to look like the kit :)

I think something about the yellow I plan on using gives me that “afrika korps” feeling and I wanted some of that to be reflected in the trukk.
The observant among you will notice in the background there are some boyz-in-progress. hopefully I’ll finish those off this week and get some pics snapped.
As always, your comments are welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read this.


  1. Brilliant work. I'm particularly interested in the tarp or skin on the back -very cool. Apologies in advance if I missed this post, but have you discussed exactly how you made that already?

  2. I love how the trukk turned out, it looks really good. You did a great job conveying that sense of the afrika korps. Like bsmoove said, the tarp on the back is a very cool feature and I too am curious about it.

  3. Thanks for dropping by chaps, and thanks for the comments.

    The tarp/camo net (i'm increasingle tempted to try and paint it squg-skin) is crepe bandage. soaked in pva so it will dry rigid, and stuck with some superglue in the awkward spaot, then left alone. it dries rock hard, almost like plastic.

    I've used it before on vehicles, and on this blog as camo netting for IG objective markers -

  4. Superb. No more internal debate, I plan to do my best to copy your work when I'm finished with my Ghaz conversion.

    Can't wait to see this thing painted...really enjoying your posts.

  5. I'm in the Process of choosing a new army between Orks and Tau. This post may have just tipped the Balance!

  6. The trukk looks fabulous - really love the feel you gave it, and kudos both on the "kab" and the netting along the back.


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