Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Further Orksperiments

On reflection, while the original Boy I painted was much more in keeping with GW colours, and in line with the notion of using more colour on an army, I decided it was a little too bright for me, and set out to find a paint scheme and style that I felt I could apply to a whole army and be happy with in a reasonable timeframe.
I present the results of three days of Orksperiments. (if that pun gets too old, let me know)
Now, I know which one I like, but let me talk you through :)

As I said the first boy -
was too bright. In the picture above I’ve taken some steps to tone him down a bit, with more needed. but for all his skintone was off, I quite like his armour and the other colours, or at least the idea of the other colours.
The second boy to receive paint -
DSC_5440 DSC_5441
Was, I feel, an overreaction on the skin tone front, I went TOO dark. but roughening up the armour really worked for me, and some variation / weathering has helped the overall look a lot I feel.
Onto boy three
DSC_5443 DSC_5444
I’m quite happy with him. I used a different painting approach for some elements, working over a white primer with the “juices” method for skin, leather, blacks etc and I think it’s given him more depth and variation. I’m not sold on the finish on the trousers, and because I painted him in a frenzy in about 3 hours over white there's some patchyness in places, but overall I’m content.
I’d love to hear what you all think, and I’m happy to be disagreed with, the opinions and perspectives I get from you makes me think more about what I’m doing and ultimately improves both my painting and my army, so thanks :)


  1. "Juices! What's that then? I think a differing skin tone within the mob could look very cool. Would suggest orks sporned in different climes.

  2. I like both 2 and 3, but I must admit I prefer the skin tone of number 2 - the "oily" appearance makes it look like he's been working in the engine shop all day, which bearing in mind the Orks attitude to technology is very fitting I reckon.

    The armour on 2 and 3 look great too.

  3. I really like the last two, out of the two, I would say the latter is my favourite. The darker skin of the second would look better on a Nob or character than just a normal grunt.

    The darker yellow is much better, adds a nice gritty feeling to the ork. I look forward to seeing more stuff!

  4. The latter two are definite improvement but personally I prefer the 2nd to the 3rd. I have always preferred darker skin tones on orks and as that one looks 90% the same as those in my own army I have to like it.

  5. Wow, these two new boys have some great colors in them. I agree with Kuffeh that skin tone #2 would look great on nobs, bosses or meks.

    The dirty, chipped metal and yellow is amazing work. My wife was inspired by the metal work and says she may steal your pants, er trousers... She says she'll copy the technique you used on #3's legs. ;)

  6. I'm going to go against the majority here and say number 3 all the way - wicked job. Has a lifelike quality.

    Number 2 would look alright on a Nob if it was slightly lighter - not sold on the dark dark colour. All the fluff points to Older/Bigger/Nobbier Orks being darker skinned

    I'm with Blitzspear though - what's a Juice?

  7. Hi guys, wow, thanks for the comments :)

    Blitz, Rogue, the "jiuces" thing is a way of painting using really thin glazes, too thin to be called glazes really. I picked the phrase up from an absolutely astonishing painter - Jeremie Bonamont ( additionally this guy ( explains the technique quite well. it's really just using very very thin paint in a quite controlled way, I'm not an expert, just pciking it up myself really, this guy is about the 4th mini I've tried it on.

    As to everyone's feedback regarding colours and preferences, I've got to say I am most pleased with number 3 still, I think the second one is just too dar, so he soent have the contrast needed to make him pop.

    What I think I will do however, is approach that level of depth of colour for characters and nobs, and leave the boys fairly pale. so i've got my parameters set, lightest and darkest, and we just wont ever speak of the neon guy again :)

    and lastly, Rabid, I'm glad your wife likes my trousers :) really though I'm delighted when people see something I'm doing and think it's of use to them, thats a large part of blogging, so thanks for letting me know.

  8. Regardless of how you end up with the skin tone... I think either would work... the work on the armor is flat out awesome...

    Only concern is how long will it take you to knock out 100+ boys?

    Great work.. I'm inspired


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