Sunday, 25 April 2010

Off the production line

Spent a little time modelling this weekend, Got my Trukk finished, built anyway, and primed, so as soon as I’m feeling brave I’ll get stuck in and start on that.
Here’s some pictures of the finished beastie
DSC_5467 DSC_5468
I wanted it to look well used, and maybe like it was something these guys spent a lot of time in.
I also very much didn't want it to look like the kit :)

I think something about the yellow I plan on using gives me that “afrika korps” feeling and I wanted some of that to be reflected in the trukk.
The observant among you will notice in the background there are some boyz-in-progress. hopefully I’ll finish those off this week and get some pics snapped.
As always, your comments are welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Waagh-Orks In Progress

I thought I’d share a WiP and the first germ of an Idea with you.
Over the last few days, when I’ve had the time I’ve been chipping away at an Ork Trukk build, the vehicle will accompany the Boyz you’ve seen me painting in the last few posts.
I didn't want to build a vanilla trukk however, as that's exactly what I did with my first one, for the AoBR boyz I Painted as Blood Axes.
Here’s it’s current, (very WiP) state
The structure Is basically complete, enclosed engine bay, four wheels, running boards etc. the back flatbed needs aosme more structural work, maybe a tailgate or some more side plating I’m not sure. and the whole things needs detailing – rivets, bolts straps metal panels and bands etc. maybe even a bodged headlight or two.
the devious plan is however two fold.
building the model this way has enabled me to save a few components.
I believe I might just see the germ of a trike there for my Big Mek.
Once I get this finished up and primed I’ll get some paint on the rest of the Boyz, then its onto the two-wheeled lunatics.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Speed test

Lets open with a group shot.
That’s the current state of the mob.
After a couple of comments in the previous post, I’m getting to a place where I’m very happy with my Orks’ appearance, But I was concerned about speed. clt40k asking how long it would take to paint 100..
Well I wont be painting quite that many, as I’m starting with a 4-600ish contingent to use as a combat patrol and to add to my existing tribe of Blood Axez to make a proppa Orky army.
So, the speed test. I started the day with nothing built, Took two AoBR boyz (they’ve all been AoBR boyz plus bitz) converted them to shoota boyz, including two total shoulder rebuilds with GS, then I set to building a Nob from the new kit. Wicked kit. primed them, and set to painting.
With this first boy I went vanilla, sometime can be difficult to get the normal kit arms to fit an AoBR boy, so I had to build him a new shoulder. this guy didn't get the best paint, but he’s okay.
DSC_5450 DSC_5452 DSC_5451
I decided to try something a little more dynamic with the next one, and looking in the bitz box saw I had a few spare Shoota Magazines.
Hey, Even Orks have to reload sometimes.
This Guys paint pleases me more, and I think I found my rhythm here.
DSC_5447 DSC_5448
Lastly I tackled the Nob. I know he shouldnt have the Skortcha in a boys mob, but he’ll by Wysywyg enough with the Shoota and it allows me to use him in a Nob mob If I choose. besides, I think it’s silly he cant have a kombi-skortcha :)
DSC_5454 DSC_5455 DSC_5456 DSC_5457
There you have it, Three Orks from sprue to finished, in a day. well not an entire day I’ve watched a movie and some TV around meals etc, and I didn't exactly get up early.
I’m fairly confident I can manage a group of 5 from sprue to done in a day with ease.
would they be better if I took longer? probably, but not by much, I’m quite pleased with these guys and count them among some of my best work so far.
But that’s my own, very subjective opinion :)
The rest of the force arrived today so I have the delight of building many new toys. I’ll have to ration myself, so that the mountain of unpainted plastic Doesn't pile too high.
and I have to tackle a build for a Mek on bike/Wazdakka counts as.
Thanks for reading I’m always glad to hear from anyone out there in blogland, so don’t be afraid to comment :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Further Orksperiments

On reflection, while the original Boy I painted was much more in keeping with GW colours, and in line with the notion of using more colour on an army, I decided it was a little too bright for me, and set out to find a paint scheme and style that I felt I could apply to a whole army and be happy with in a reasonable timeframe.
I present the results of three days of Orksperiments. (if that pun gets too old, let me know)
Now, I know which one I like, but let me talk you through :)

As I said the first boy -
was too bright. In the picture above I’ve taken some steps to tone him down a bit, with more needed. but for all his skintone was off, I quite like his armour and the other colours, or at least the idea of the other colours.
The second boy to receive paint -
DSC_5440 DSC_5441
Was, I feel, an overreaction on the skin tone front, I went TOO dark. but roughening up the armour really worked for me, and some variation / weathering has helped the overall look a lot I feel.
Onto boy three
DSC_5443 DSC_5444
I’m quite happy with him. I used a different painting approach for some elements, working over a white primer with the “juices” method for skin, leather, blacks etc and I think it’s given him more depth and variation. I’m not sold on the finish on the trousers, and because I painted him in a frenzy in about 3 hours over white there's some patchyness in places, but overall I’m content.
I’d love to hear what you all think, and I’m happy to be disagreed with, the opinions and perspectives I get from you makes me think more about what I’m doing and ultimately improves both my painting and my army, so thanks :)

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I’m suffering from fatigue. I paint too much grey.
The DH army is built now. I mean sure I could add units, and probably will one day, but for now,  it feels like everything I need is there.
I made a mistake – I had a building frenzy for a game, instead of my usual build a unit paint a unit approach, and as such I now have about 20 things I need to paint without building anything, and I do love to build.
That said you will probably understand when I tell you I’ve picked up the Ork bug again.
My original ork force, which let’s be honest was basically just the AOBR orks plus a box of boyz and a trukk, was painted incredibly fast so that things would be painted for my first game after returning to the hobby.
Consequentially they aren't my best paint jobs. they are painted (again mostly in grey) as Blood Axes, the nobs have some camo but the boyz are all in grey coveralls, and they are a bit dull, and not that well painted.
I set my mind to build a small, much more mechanised Ork force, to be used in combat patrol and to add to the existing, in order to create a “two tribes” larger force.
I started with what I had, which was another AOBR contingent, and my bitz box, and I’m very keen to hear anything any of you have to say about them, as Orks arent something I’ve done a lot of since I painted my metal “Space Ork pirates” set back when i was younger, and less hairy.

Heres the “test boy” converted over form an AoBR (just an arm swap) as I prefer shoota boyz in trukks.
DSC_5428 DSC_5429DSC_5430
Other angles of same ^
HE’s a little rough, as I was torn between an approach that I could do quite quickly vs a paint job I was happy with. I may need to veer more towards “happy” than “quick” than is present here.
this thing was next -
I removed the rokkits in favour of twin linked big shootas, as I will with the rest of the koptas I’ll be using.
some more shots
again the paint is rougher than I’d like, but it adds a certain charm I think.
I went for more detail with this model, and I think it looks okay, but I also went for more close up photography and enlarged “larger than life” it really shows me how much I still have to learn about paint.
DSC_5433 DSC_5434 DSC_5435
what looks good from a foot away, can look utterly pants in a close up photo.
I also haven't decided yet whether to leave him on the clear base, of give him a terrain base.
Last update for what is becoming a longer post than I intended, I wanted to share a WiP conversion, adding a buzzsaw, as I noticed a fellow blogger embarked on the same exercise.
It still needs details and all the GS work, but it’s coming along. I’m particularly happy with these twin linked shootas.
Anyway, as always CnC welcome, invited and occasionally acted upon :)
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