Sunday, 28 March 2010

Finished Dread

I could do more to it, but ostensibly I'm calling this finished.

theres a little light conversion been done to brand it as a GK Dread, amd it's magnetised so it can be feilded as a marksman or an up-close unit.

I still need to do a little work to the base, but thats just static grass and that comes post-varnish.

Here he is.


  1. Looks good- like the little bits of rust on the rivets especially.

  2. Love the base and the red dust on the model that makes it look like he's been tracking back and forth across open ground.

  3. Thanks guys, Hopefully I'll get some painting time in over the upcoming easter break and be able to demonstrate some more progress.

  4. I agree. The weathering makes this dread really look top notch! What did you use for it?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys,

    as to how the weatyhering was doen, its a mix of airbrush overspray, powders and oils.

    I'm working on some orks now and If i get the opportunity I'll do a few short tuts on weathering.

    If not I'll do them when I feel brave enough to do this guys drop pod :)


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