Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The promised Kroot

Video at least.

I present for your delectation the two videos that deal with the flesh, airbrushing washing etc. some sections have been sped up to protect the innocent.

There's a third section to follow, about the basing and such, expect that soon. I just thought it important to get this set up.

I'll freely admit I took too much on here for a first video. the idea of filming essentially three hours of painting and then editing that down to somehting short enough to watch, but still useful.. it fried my brain.

there are more vids to come, but I think i'll keep them deliberately short and specific and planned.

I'm very open to suggestions on what those vids might be.

anyway, preamble over, here they are.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Finished Dread

I could do more to it, but ostensibly I'm calling this finished.

theres a little light conversion been done to brand it as a GK Dread, amd it's magnetised so it can be feilded as a marksman or an up-close unit.

I still need to do a little work to the base, but thats just static grass and that comes post-varnish.

Here he is.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Not Dead, but Dread

Hi all,

I just thought it was time for an "I'm not dead" announcement.

I'm still working on editing that video, but work has been, well, mental recently.

The only thing i've painted since those kroot is that I've been picking away at a Dread with a light conversion to GK use and magnetised arms.

I'll post him below so you know you can trust me :)

I've got the rest of my GK to paint before I should buy anything new, but ive got the ork bug again (it happens) keep me in your bloglist to see what develops there.

for now, my first GK(ish) dread...

I must stress this guy is a work in progress, (no, i dont feild models with toothpick "details"), he still needs a final highlight, details, the base detailing, toothpick removal, weathering etc etc.
hes basically basecoated and had his first weathering wash

I'll try and be a bit more "regular" and also to get that vid up soon.
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