Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Curse of the Kroot

Just had a complete FAIL tonight.

My own silly fault. here's what happened.

I painted a Kroot. For a freind. You remember, one of those four I built last time?

Anyway I offered to paint them as my freind was struggling for a scheme and I had a few Ideas.

The intention was to create a scheme that could be used for a whole unit, that would go on quite quickly, be fairly individual and encourage him to use one of his new toys, an airbrush.

I did a test fig this evening. two hours start to finish, lots of airbrush, notes taken, and step by step pictures.

it's the step by step pictures where the word FAIL comes into play. you see I played a game this weekend (gasp) and during the game, I changed the white balance and exposure settings on my camera.

yes, dear bloggers, you know what i did next; I forgot to change them back.

or even check them. so my step by step pics, are, well garbage. and orange.

so all I have to offer are these final shots, once I realised the error of my ways. and even these are a bit dark, as they were taken in haste.

Hopefully though, you can see what was intended. the nature of the Kroot led me to Red skin. and from there follows some warpaint for thier woodsy nature, and a good dose of muted and leathery browns. hopefully you can also see the heavy use of both airbrush and washes. I reckon I could do 20 of these guys in day, easy.

so that was my evening. I'll try and get some "client feedback" tomorrow :) and then I've got three more on the bench, so maybe I'll get the tutorial right eh?

in other news, I'm working on getting up a batrep for the last game, and I've got a bunch of GK models i need to paint, including a Land Raider I magnetised, whcih will probarbly be the largest single vehicle i've ever painted.

busy busy busy.


  1. Photo settings or not; he kinda looks like the Clevland Indians logo.

  2. Even with messed-up white balance, a little color correction via Photoshop can go a long way. I took a couple of photos myself with less than desirable lighting, and shifting the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast settings got things on the right track.

  3. I think that they are looking great.

    The Hair? works really well and the Red skin is just what i was after but failed... and i think the tribal markings are a nice touch

    cant wait to see the step by step.

  4. Looks good to me. Obviously I'd like to see it with the proper photo techniques etc. but I like it so far. I think the heavy wash method really works with models like these.

  5. Looks great ..... the correct settings will really bring it out ....

  6. Esty, I have no idea what that is, i assume its a "sporting" reference :P I'll google :)

    2501, I appreciate the advice, however I'm no novice with photoshop, I even teach it, but the step by step pics are unsalvagable, nt enough data too much grain etc, even the RAWs arent usuable. My own fault, being so used to just picking up the camera and snapping, with everything set up.

    Microgod, you might have to wait :) I'll have a crack at them properly at the weekend, and do the last 3 all at once.

    Pete, you're bang on, for critters like this and Orks, where you need to do a ton of flesh quite quickly a heavy wash method really works.

    Jmezz, thanks :) I'll snap them properly when all 3 are done, nust need to haul the lightbox out from under the desk :)


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