Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Crazy Kroot

No, I havent wandered off.

Yes, I did do the Kroot Video.

But it's turned into a bit of an epic edit job.

Basically I think it was a bit ambitious and overreaching for my first vid tut to be a whole paint job on three models at once.

Anyway it IS coming, so bear with me.

In the meantime, I offer some pictures of the finished Kroot.

Once I get the video down to an acceptable time I think people might actually want to watch I'll post it here.

I am also very keen to get some more, smaller and more bitesize tutorials done, so If anyone has any thoughts on what, please post them as comments or send me an email - I've out an email addy in my "who am I?" box now, for those who wish to communicate more discretely :)


  1. The detail on those bases is excellent - loving the tiny 3-leaf-clover-type-things.

  2. very nice kroot. some of the meanest kroot i have every seen. bases are cool and i look foward to your vids on them =). if the tutorial is too long have you considered cutting it into parts? like part 1: assembly, 2: basing 3: painting etc or something like that ?


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