Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Crazy Kroot

No, I havent wandered off.

Yes, I did do the Kroot Video.

But it's turned into a bit of an epic edit job.

Basically I think it was a bit ambitious and overreaching for my first vid tut to be a whole paint job on three models at once.

Anyway it IS coming, so bear with me.

In the meantime, I offer some pictures of the finished Kroot.

Once I get the video down to an acceptable time I think people might actually want to watch I'll post it here.

I am also very keen to get some more, smaller and more bitesize tutorials done, so If anyone has any thoughts on what, please post them as comments or send me an email - I've out an email addy in my "who am I?" box now, for those who wish to communicate more discretely :)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The times they are a-changing.

I’ve taken a step into a wider universe
I’ve bought a camera that takes… Video *gasp*
Now I don't have any illusions about my abilities and I know there are better painters by far out there doing tutorials and such (you know who you are Les) But If I can help with what I can do, then I want to.
This first video however is really just a test and a list of paint and a bit of a nod to my airbrush set up.
I’ll be endeavouring at the weekend to paint up three Kroot quite quickly with the airbrush and washes and show you how I have done it.
I’d also be grateful to hear from you, yes you, anything you have to say about the technical execution, angle, usefulness etc either as a viewer, fellow video blogger or whatever.
I’m happy to admit the first few vids will be quite rough while I learn the setup, lighting, position and to remember to keep things in frame etc. I’m also embarrassed to admit that all I have for edit at the moment is windows movie maker, which is rubbish, but hopefully I can do something about that.
in addition to the above comments, I’m also open to requests, If you want to see it on video, and I know how to do it, I’ll lay it down for you :)
Oh and brownie points for anyone who gets the caption at the beginning of the video.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Curse of the Kroot

Just had a complete FAIL tonight.

My own silly fault. here's what happened.

I painted a Kroot. For a freind. You remember, one of those four I built last time?

Anyway I offered to paint them as my freind was struggling for a scheme and I had a few Ideas.

The intention was to create a scheme that could be used for a whole unit, that would go on quite quickly, be fairly individual and encourage him to use one of his new toys, an airbrush.

I did a test fig this evening. two hours start to finish, lots of airbrush, notes taken, and step by step pictures.

it's the step by step pictures where the word FAIL comes into play. you see I played a game this weekend (gasp) and during the game, I changed the white balance and exposure settings on my camera.

yes, dear bloggers, you know what i did next; I forgot to change them back.

or even check them. so my step by step pics, are, well garbage. and orange.

so all I have to offer are these final shots, once I realised the error of my ways. and even these are a bit dark, as they were taken in haste.

Hopefully though, you can see what was intended. the nature of the Kroot led me to Red skin. and from there follows some warpaint for thier woodsy nature, and a good dose of muted and leathery browns. hopefully you can also see the heavy use of both airbrush and washes. I reckon I could do 20 of these guys in day, easy.

so that was my evening. I'll try and get some "client feedback" tomorrow :) and then I've got three more on the bench, so maybe I'll get the tutorial right eh?

in other news, I'm working on getting up a batrep for the last game, and I've got a bunch of GK models i need to paint, including a Land Raider I magnetised, whcih will probarbly be the largest single vehicle i've ever painted.

busy busy busy.
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