Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Ton.


I've another post all ready to go, which I'll put up in a short while, but I couldnt let the landmark pass without a comment of it's own.

100 people find what I'm doing here interesting enough to read from time to time.

That's very cool.

Thankyou all.

I am a much happier hobbyist since I discovered these blogs, having bounced around a few forums and really not enjoyed the reception or atmosphere. I still lurk on one or two and post occasionally but this has become my real home on the web.

and its because of the people that read and comment, and the others that create content for this little corner of the web.

Okay this is starting to sound a little like an acceptance speech, so I'm out.

once more.



  1. Follower 99 here - congrats on getting the century - I started my blog for the same reasons (just started though). All the followers might have something to do with the high quality of your work... ;)

  2. Congratulations Karitas. I've been really pleased by seeing all the great articles you've put up on the website. In particular, your conversions are the best and I really like them (Inquisition models are my fave, GKT a close second).

    It's nice as more people come and take notice of what you do as well. I'm at 12 followers currently and it's really nice when people comment on things you've done and help make a good hobby community.

  3. Thankyou guys.

    It's a much better environment here than the various forums for feedback and support, but more than that you do feel like you're building something, the posts stay contigious and people know where to find you. It feels better expending effort here than on a throwaway forum.

    I must dmit I'm confortable with my ocnversion ability, if not adept. but i do feel very much the need to improve my paint. I need to take more time and care and work towards smoother transitions and less slapped on washes.

    watch me try.

    and most likely fail :)


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