Monday, 25 January 2010

The shape of things to come

A weekend of building lies behind me, and the primer is on.

Left to right, you can see - 3 TH/SS grey knights, dread arms and torso; two more GK's a drop pod a batch of IST's with melta and commander cullin... nay Brother Captain Cullin :)

nothing is glued to it's base for easier painting, and the Dread is magnetised so the weapons get seperate paint, oh yeah and theres a guy whose head still isnt on :)

I've still got a Land Raider to build, but i'm waiting on magnets so it can be either a Crusader or Redeemer., so while we wait on those, let's have some closer shots eh?

This is a set of three TH / SS guys, that at the moment I'm going to run as a Deep striking squad of its own, but later will be 1 guy per squad.

at the moment I dont feel I have enough units, so i'm working with smaller focussed guys, mainly because of the cost of things in my dex.


the next two guys had thier sheilds carved into a semblance of the =][=

The next two are vanilla GKT's, it was very interesting working with non-AoBR termies as a base, the extra posability of the seperate torso really allows some dynamism.

that guy had a "priming accident" dont worry its glued back on now :)

A closer view of my dread torso. this got magnetised, but i'll most likely run him as a marksman, as i'm seriously lacking Long range firepower. Its just a normal dread with a bit of iconography on it, hopefully it will paint up convincingly

And of course the drop pod is his.

The melta IST's

the guys I was using with plasma and grenades just never seem to do anything worthwhile so melta all round. oh and scouts come in a box of 5, so I made a flamer guy for the hell of it.
Last up, my new commander to be

Brother-Captain Cullin of the Grey Knights.

I was going to do a bit more converting, but it's just such a beutiful sculpt all I had the heart to do was swap his Iconography. =][= symbols pervade where once there were only scorpions.

I think he'll tie in well, his armour is ornate and covered in purity seals, his crotch plate is pretty much a peice of GKT heraldry anyway, and i've added similar to the new GKT above so that should echo well and work as a unit despite the different armour.

so that lot all needs paint now. argh. just when I thought I was getting somewhere :)

still I'm pretty happy with them so far, and once this set of guys and their ride is done it'll be time to try and take some group shots.


  1. The models look like they are coming along great. I can not wait to see the finished product.

  2. They look really good Karitas. I'm always impressed with people who paint in separate pieces and then assemble. I find myself having to assemble in one go and then work from there or I mess up the paint job when it comes time to glue.

    Looking forward to seeing them all done up and finished. Will you be playing them as Daemonhunters or as regular marines (but with cooler models)?

  3. They look great. Really can't wait to see them all painted up.

  4. Thanks guys, I'll do my best :)

    Might have a little side distraction up next though.

  5. Oh and Pete, I always play DH, sometimes I ally in guard, and sometimes Marines, but the core of my army is DH.

    Even though we're desperately expensive compared to the newer codices, I beleive that the cheap IST melta drive by, coupled with the survivability of GKT's means we're quite the "hammer and anvil" force.


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