Saturday, 16 January 2010

C'mon Lads, Group Photo

I finished the Last 3 guys, making my first squad of GKT's.

Each one of these has been converted form an AoBR termie, most recognisably the sergeant.

Apologies for the pics, I've messed the exposure up a little, I forgot to check my settings and i'd been shooting out in the snow the other day. ah well. Maybe i'll take some more later in the week, if i can be bothered :)

Here's a few individual shots -

Next on the table?

Well I have a LRC to build for these fellows. I have an actual box of terminators, no AoBR here, which will get the same treatment. I've a Dear and Drop pod waiting for paint and last but not least a FW Commander Cullen who, with a few changes of iconography, will be my GK HQ.

I'm not changing his armour up though, as i think the sculpt is too good, just his icons and maybe his hair :)


  1. Excellent work Karitas, I love these models....I eagerly await the finished army....or to just seeing everything you have for one giant group photo!

  2. those are some good lookin termies.

  3. Great work. Looking forward to the whole batch once they're done.

  4. That is one sweet looking unit!

  5. Awesome work, those are great.

  6. Thankyou everyone, really.

    I know hopping from blog to blog, it's easy to think "thats nice" and then move on without typing, So I really very much appreiciate you all taking the time to let me know you like my wee guys.

    especially having seen some of your work too.

  7. Beautiful work on those models - very impressive stuff

  8. Fantastic! The Terminator is the model that got me into 40k way back in the '80's and yours are absolutely amazing. I may have to get some new ones just to try out those shoulder pad conversions.

  9. thank you, as a fellow 30 something who is into all things 40k it is very helpful to get tips on conversions. I really like your simple step by step explanations

  10. Words are a bit inadequate to describe just how awesome these look. Tip top work, brother. Keep it up!


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