Sunday, 3 January 2010

AoBR Grey Knight Terminator 2

Judgement day? hrm maybe not.

Anyway I've produced another of these guys, a little more refined this time, a few changes, nothing so significant that he looks out of place next to his brother (*see last pic) but hopefully a little improved. some more colour which I hope will add to the unit as a whole, and a slightly different construction which has hopefully slimmed down the pads a little, while still keeping them as huge as I wanted :)

I've a good few more of these to produce, and they are quite intesive, but I think worth it, what do you think?


  1. Looking great. I can't wait to see the completed squad. I really like the bases.

  2. I like the look these guys have. The GK style helmet along with the shoulder pads and greaves works nicely.

  3. Thanks guys, :)

    Ron, you should like the look, its stolen lock and stock from your Belial :P

    I've spent a good part of the day tutorialising these guys, including the bases Magilla, so hopefully you can have a crack yourself if you like em :)


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