Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Faux Grey Knights Squad painted

Brace yourselves, this will be a really pic heavy post.

So there's my 7 man Grey knight analog squad. I must say there are some things here I'm really quite proud of and some things I'm really quite ashamed of

Overall I'm happy with them as a tabletop unit. but let's break it down a bit.

I'm very happy with the bases, I pulled out some stops with them.
I'm happy with the build as these guys are essentially made from scrap.
I'm very pleased with some of the fades in the paint, and with the colours in general.
I'm happy with 50% of the faces :)

Some of the problems -

The washes aren't photographing well, some blotchiness in the black washes is visible in the photographs that cant be seen under normal light, so i'm not worried about that, except in this forum :)

I had a major problem with one product I use, To remove the vaseline I usually use a spectacle cleaning product with an isopropyl alcohol in it, we've changed products and it isnt the same, so I had some areas where I had major paint adhesion issues, even with strong primer.
The solution - dullcote the area. Worked like a charm.

I'm not happy with some of the finer work, the storm bolters while good in conception fell down in my execution a little, the paint adhesion didnt help, but more details were needed on some models. On later builds I have done this better

Some of the fades in the paint job are terrible.

I got a bit sloppy, but I've astinking cold, so I've an excuse ready for that.

I think the single best thing about these models is just how much they have taught me. I've tried new things, and pushed myself (though the results might not show it) in direction I've wanted to go for a while. I need to work on my patience, but in general I think this was a very worthwhile run of minis.

For those interested, here are turnaround shots of each model.

This guy is possibly my favourite, I like the pose and the robed look sets him apart

You can see some of the blotches Ii mentioned on this fellow. He also has one of the poorer storm bolters.

I had to improvise the shoulder pads for some of them, as I didnt have enough of those nifty plastic =][= pads.

It fits the fluff though, if after the time these guys have been "out there" they have had to bodge and reapir gear, it wont all match anymore, now will it? :)

I'm quite pleased with the dynamic posing these assault legs gave me, Though it was by accident, having only those legs in the scrap bin, I might deliberately use this in the future.

This guy was my test build, and he's one of the stronger poses imo, I like the spear he's lugging around, made before I bought the GK arm pack from GW (my only purchase in building these guys)

This one you've seen, I'm calling his single barreled weapon a psycannon. If I decide I dont like it later i may do something a bit more radical.

Last guy, and the face I'm happy with.

my rather unique approach to the posing and gear has left me with one issue. I know, when I build them, who I intended to use as Justicar, but looking at them now, I could use any one of a few.

So in addition to the usual general plea for comments I ask this of you.

Which one of these looks like the Justicar to you?

Thanks for reading.


  1. These look really great! I just bought the pewter models, and I think yours have the leg up on them!

  2. I think these have turned out really well. My initial doubts about the colour has been proven wrong and as for the Justicar it has to be the guy with the amazing moustache.

  3. They are looking really good, the grey works great simulating the metal colour of their armour. Really impressive work.

  4. Thanks guys :)

    I still have some bitz left so in total disregard to my most recent post about what's next on the to do list, I might make a new Justicar :)

  5. I just stumbled across this and had to pop in to say that it's stunning. There's something about the beakie helmets turned into grey knight style that is hypnotizing. Great choice of palette, solid conversions, well done!

  6. Thanks for dropping by Rabidchild, and for the positive comments :)

    keep your eyes peeled, if i can lay my hands on another deathwatch pad or two I might just Tutorialise these guys :)


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