Tuesday, 22 December 2009

AoBR Grey Knight Terminator Conversion

Well, "ish". I thought I'd paint him up before I posted him, It's been probarbly one of the more diffcult things I've tackled, from the point of view of being happy with the result.

I've also been quite frustrated by the slow progress due to a stinking cold, well actually two stinking colds in a row. not my year it seems for those. anyway with a little help from Ron (thanks Ron) I'm kinda happy with it.

I can list some flaws that I want to correct next time out of the gate, The border width isn't consisent on all the pads, and the supergule does some funny things to card (my first time using card, and wow, both eaier and more difficult than plasticard at the same time) and theres some flat out errors, like he has no magazine on his bolter *ahem*

for m though, the main goals were that it "reads" as a grey knihgt, and that it fits in with the rest of my army.

here he is

I'd be delighted to hear any comments, have more flaws pointed out, be disagreed with, agreeed with or, well, anything really.

oh and I know he's a bit wonky on his base. I'll fix that :)
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  1. I like him, except the fat legs :) still alot better then i could do :)

  2. What a great model, really nice work mate, I particulary like the Power Sword as a Force Weapon. I also like how solid the model looks, almost like a mini Dreadnought, and the paint job is great

  3. He definitely does have that grey knight silhoutte, The pauldrons, the chestplate, the weapons and the greaves are all that grey knights shape.

    The only thing I might suggest, like ChicoDaSatanic put it rather less subtly :P is to maybe use thinner card on the greaves, only so that it doesn't cover so much of the foot.

    Overall though man, a very impressive conversion, and one I would be too inditimidated to try!

  4. I love the colors that you used, just some personal comment, I think that a bit of breaking bright color in some spots could help a lot. as it is currently is great though.

    some bright red could help.

    any way as already said, excellent work.

  5. Thanks everyone,

    as far as the fat legs go, Yeah the card's a bit think, most especially noticable in the raised edges, but he's my first, hopefully each successive one will be better :) but as for the design itself, I deliberately wanted a bulkier leg to balance the pauldrons and because i dont like the new termies much if i'm honest, the anatomist in me boggles at how even an 8 ft tall humaoid would wear it :)

    I did realise that I needed some cloth, to paint red. I dont neccecairily think every guy needs that, but across the unit there needs to be a splash, much like with the PAGK I've already had a go at.

  6. I like the fatty legs, not everyone has the best maker ;)

    Lovely work with the paint, I like what you did with the metallics.

  7. Love the model. Is there any chance you could do a tutorial of how you made this guy and the others so that I can do the same to my next batch of AOBR models.

  8. Pete, you read my mind Cos I'm about halfway through writing it,

    Hopefully I'll have it up today as it's officially a snow day :)


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