Sunday, 22 November 2009

So very WiP

So You'll have to be gentle with me, In the interests of getting updates out there, I'm posting things in states I wouldnt normally share with the world.

These guys need tons of work, lots of GS and detailing, but I think most of the poses are "done". that said you must bear in mind these are working bases not final, you'll see why :)

I know, GK with a sword, I personally like the idea that they will use different weapon forms, so brace yourselves :)

This is the roughest GS, it's structural rather than finished, and this fellow is likely to be the justicar for the first squad.

Yeah, hes not actually going to lean that far back when he's mounted on rubble :)

this guy also got the first investment, I bought the weapon pack - so thus far these fellahs have cost me six quid. I did originally want to keep it to a totally bitz box build, but i weakened.

This guy has an old old old bolt pistol, which is going to become a wrist mounted psycannon with a little more fettling.

they al need chest work and GS work, detailing, seals skulls etc, and maybe some script, I'm not sure.

The thing to remember is that they aren't really grey knights anymore, I mean, they were but they've been away form home a looong time, and this Inquisitor they follow has a lot of influence. they havent fallen to chaos or anything but thier gear is a bit more ad hoc and "self-serviced" and thier outlook is a little more radical.

oh and they won't be silver.

comments always welcome :)


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