Thursday, 26 November 2009

Shoulder the dissapointment

I wasnt happy with last nights shoulder pad attempts.

Both of them were too large in my eyes, and so today i set to to have a fettle.
I only did 1 pad, In an attempt to work quickly and make some descisions.

this first one apes one of my earlier Power Armoured =][=. Its rough and not entirely pleasing, but the size is a little better.

This, I dont know, this just dosent work for me, something , I dont think the original plastic has enough bend in it.
This is a slightly better proportioned take on Ron's pads. I'm leaning more in this direction.

I tried a "lobstered" look, but the results were too bulky to be worth photographing.

Maybe I need to pad out the greaves to balance the additional "weight" up top.

man, the thought of doing upwards of 15 of these guys if I eventually use Ron's method.


I wonder if Card is easier to work with.


  1. it def. is

    I think they all look smashing, though :) keep at it!

  2. Cereal box cardboard... it's what I use.
    Just be careful, sometimes it wants to separate.

  3. Time to try with the cheerios :)

    I love your master of the deathwing Ron, any chance I could get a look at the back of his greaves? they are awesome, but i'm concerned about how it might look from the rear if i attempt it :)

  4. You can mail it to me if you would, (

    I would be very greatful :)

    Had my paint on today (post to follow) And hope to get back to the modeling tomorrow.


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