Monday, 2 November 2009

Let's call them.. Sketches

I'd usually be a little hesitant about sharing things in such an early state of development, (yes, state is the right word) But I thought I'd open the door on the whole process with these guys in hopes of shedding some light on the randomness that occurs within.

I decided to have a go at some grey knights. Now as you will expect if youve read much of this blog, I wont be buying off the shelf GK's and painting them silver. I'll be doing my best to add my own "spin" and to keep them tied in with my Lord's forces.

He's basically consolidated in my head into a radical, theres a daemonhost at his disposal, and probarbly a few more on the way, But let's for the sake of argument say that these GK's dont know that yet. that allows me to keep the rules (i'll never have them both on the field at once, he has to keep his more nefarious doings from these guys) and keep him as the kind of radical I envision, whilst still playing these fellows fom time to time.

Like the IST's and acolytes I want to make them feel a little feral, a little nonstandard, and definately appear as vetrans, I see this whole force of inquisitors and various troops having been aboard the same ship together for a very long time, and almost come to the radical beliefs together. they wont themselves feel like radicals. its that slow creep of compromise that'll kill ya :)

Anyway you come for the models, (you stay for the chicken!) ahem.

I'm basically riffing on the GK notion, by taking this -

Sad accretion of stained plastic that was once a 5 man blood angels assault squad, combining it with my bitz box and producting, thus far, these two "sketches"

I'm saying "sketch" because this is the very first stage of building for me, most things are held on with blu-tak as I experiment to see if I like the pose and parts I'm using, there's very little detail as this will be added later with bitz and GS.

My plans for the GS envolve everything from the structural, such as armour joints, helping with positioning etc, to the neccecary such as new thumbs and fingers, resculpting helmet details and so on, to the final more decorative stuff. and something I havent tried before, Text.

I have some Ideas how to try and sculpt GS text, but would appreciate any pointers or links to tutorials on the subject, as it's new to me.

so there you go, another update please let me know your thoughts, and please forgive the early, rough nature of the offering.


  1. Fortunately the rules don't cover radicals or what-not, but as a matter of taste, not fielding them together is a good move.

    The arm-bolters look a little awkward, even though I know it's still a sketch. Though it's not 100% GK, maybe make little mini-storm bolters to just grip normally. Or perhaps cut down their length by chopping them off where the casing ends.

    The halberd looks great.

  2. Taking on board what you've said about the bolters I've had a little look at some pics of metal PAGKs and compared with a termie I have here, and the commander Storm Bolter.

    The length isnt the issue (comparatively, aesthetically is another matter) but what the metal PAGKs do is mount the weapon considerably farther forward than I have here, So I might look at moving them forward. also I beleive I may have these a little wide, and some trimming in the middle may be in order.

    It's my intention to GS a more convincing shroud and foresight anyway and to consider some form of magazine, so those might also make the weapon more balanced. at the end of the day though they look pretty awkward on the metal minis too :)

    like I say though these are a sketch and theres a long road before I call them done.

    Glad you like the hoofing big polearm :)


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