Saturday, 28 November 2009

Grey Knight Bodge paint test

I decided it was time to try slinging some paint around these Grey Knight analogs I'd bodged together, Starting from grey primer, not white as would be my preference for these guys I simply layered on a mix of vallejo greys and punctuated with some metallics.

He's not silver.

Nor is he perfect by any stretch, some of the work is very rough, But i'm aiming for tabletop here, I'll have a good number of these to do.

The paint also showed up a few areas where I was slap dash with my GS, that's something I'm not proud of and will look to rectify with the rest of the unit.

The base is a bit more elaborate than I would normally do for a tabletop mini, but I like it, I liked it so much I've done one for each of the guys I've kitbashed so far.

Also today I decided to "finish" and mount the two DKOK i had been working on, Mainly because I had lost interest in the and If i didnt do it, it would never happen.

They arent finihsed to the degree i wanted, because i simply havent put in the time as I said, I lost interest. but they are "done" :)

Next is either more paint on the other PAGK's or raiding the cupboard for cereal packets to give the termies another go.

Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear anytihng you have to say.


  1. It's awesome to see the DKoK finished - They come up all right. I love the plinths - where did you get them?

    The GK is cool - the grey and muted gold work well. Not so sure on the bolter, I though you were going to do a stormbolter?

  2. I really like how they have come out if a little more grey than i was expecting. The gold works well with the grey and i really like how the collar has turned out. Base looks good to. It was also good to see the DKOK finished.

  3. Thanks guys. :)

    Rogue, the plinths - I made em. couple pf chunks of wood with wood filler, balsa and various plastic bits, all with a liberal coat of basing gravel.

    oh and some smashed up plaster.

    The "bolter" on this one is a stand in pscannon, the other guys have "storm bolters" after a fashion :)

    Microgod, yeah i decided the creamsih colour we talked about was a bit, well, pink. it just didnt look right.

  4. Looking good! I've always been a fan of actual grey Grey Knights. The super shiney blued-silver of the recent GW versions just don't grab me. Yours on the other hand looks really moody, as they should!

    The DKoK plinths are very cool as well. I am a big fan of the mini-vignette look, and yours are awesome examples. Keep up the great work!


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