Wednesday, 25 November 2009

AOBR Grey Knight?

The fevered brain that I posess has kicked into a strange place.

A place where it seems to be daring me to make my own Grey knight analogs from whatever I have lying around unused.

It is a sickness.

However, with the usual caveat about these guys representing Grey Knights who have been out in the field a Loooong time, in the company of an increasingyl radical Inquisitor and without the benefit of proper repairs etc etc.

I present a couple of attempts at something grey knigtish.

In this first instance, the plastic used for the shoulder has been cut too wide. and there is NO gs at all on him yet, which will be used to smooth some areas and tie things in better. he also need a small sand becuase i had a superglucident and left half my thumb on him. grr.

This second attempt is much more effort, and still needs a tidy up once the glue is set, but may well be a better option, the template is stolen from Ron's pre-heresy tutorial and is remarkably easy to use, I'd appreicate the thoughts of the blogshpere on which is preferable, and in general on the heretical Idea of making GK analogs from aobr termies :)


  1. Very cool, sir. I prefer the second, but think there should be more of a curve to the shoulder plates - maybe use a small paintbrush/knife handle to bend them?

    Also, for the halberds, if you have any of the old second edition power swords off the equipment sprue (the butterknives), they would be perfect.

  2. I think i need to make some adjustments to ron's template - to oversize the top layer to accomodate bending, maybe using caedstock instead of plasticard would also be better as i could impregnate the whole thing with CA glue.

    As for the Halberds, I would love to use powersword blades, but I'm all out. I used em on the other guys :)

    I did try to carve one out of plasticard, but the edges wouldnt stay straight enough for me.

    Anyone has any tips on replicating power blades, I'd love th hear em :)

  3. Ah, I assumed you were using cardstock - it's the method I've been using, though it can get a bit messy and is very time consuming if you're doing it for more than a few models (I did it for 25 of them...). I'm currently looking into replacing them all using styrene piping built up with styrene strips (filled in with putty). I'm hoping to be able to use a simple push-mould to mass(ish)-produce them.

    My own foray into plasticard blades (I tried to make a Buster Sword) ended in fail too, but I was using a ridiculously (2-3mm) thick sheet. It may turn out better if you use several thin layers stuck together in a staggered layout then file down the edges to make them seemless - filling in any defects with putty.

  4. Yeah I think it's time to try cardstock.

    as for the blades, I tried using the dremmel almost as a table sander, problem is the material does not like being sanded, it melts rather than abrades.

    i wonder if i could use little bits of wood..

    with a milliput jus..



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