Sunday, 13 September 2009

Fear, Neglect, Indescision and work

Mostly those words can be used to sum up why there haven't been any posts in a few weeks. I admit to a little burn out, I painted a hell of a lot of stuff in a very short time.

Beyond what you have all been gracious enough to witness here on this blog, theres a whole ork host, and a space marine force too. Hints to these are dotted about the blog, in early posts and some pictures :)

I've made a ton of terrain too. and I'm by no means done. I love this hobby, so despite the few weeks without word, theres still activity buried here.

That's the neglect part. Let's talk about the fear and indescision.

I live very close to the NEC in Birmingham and I've been wrestling with wether or not to enter anything for GD 09. Heck i'm not convinced I'm going yet.

Now don't get me wrong, I KNOW I'm not remotely accomplished enough to win anything, I would be entering with the lofty ambition of hoping to make the first cut, that would be brilliant. But the fear part is in entering at all and allowing people to see my work in person. Without the comforting wall of blog.

The indescsion part is having a clue what to enter. I started in on a chaos marauder, but I'm halfway done and I know I wont enter him. Today i started on a pair of DKOK guys I've had for a while, and I've attempted scenic bases the like of which I've never done before. if they look okay, i'll go to GD and enter them.

I think (i did say indescision, right?)

Aaand lastly, work. Work is very hectic right now, it's the start of a new academic year, and we've moved to a new building, but it's not done yet so we're living out of boxes trying to keep the students engaged with worthwhile activities while we get sorted out.

I'm getting home too tired for much else these days. I know from experiece once the teaching routine is established things will calm down and my other activities will once again have room in my head, and my life.

So in summation, I'm working on some guys, I'll share soon and you can let me know wether to bother entering GD 09 or not :) and to all of my readers, and the couple of new guys I see, thanks for sticking in there while it's quiet.


  1. Why not enter... if you've got an entry and you live that close, give it go.
    First cut is a big deal.

  2. I totally agree. I did it last year over here in Oz and made it through to the final cut (some of that being lack of entries in certain categories). I came away with nothing more than a pin showing I was a finalist, and a sense of achievement in having my work out there at a national level - it didn't matter if I hadn't gotten through the regionals, it was all about having a crack and receiving peer feedback.

    You have nothing to lose - as I tell my missus all the time - do you think you're going to know even 1/100th of the people attending to be embarrassed about people seeing your gear - At the end of the day they will go home and think well done for having a try, and you will never see them again. Live in the moment.

  3. Hi

    First off, I know exactly what you mean in terms of work - I'm under similar stresses with the new academic year, although a slightly different environment in that I work in the accommodation sector...

    I feel the same way about a lot of things - mainly a frustration at not having the time I want to dedicate to the hobby - I do however console myself with the fact that things will be a bit easier in the coming months and will be able to do a lot more warhammering!!

    As for entering GD, get out there! I understand the fear - people at my local GW tell me they love my army, that it's great etc, and I've even won a couple of painting competitions - but I can totally understand that paranoia about putting it on the big stage for everyone to see. I think my painting is good - but when I compare it to examples on the web, I don't think it stands up at all...

    It is still a goal of mine to enter GD and hopefully do well - the fact that it falls around the busiest time of year for me doesn't help (as I imagine it is for you). What I have learned however, and this is true in life as well as painting, that unless you challenge yourself and measure yourself against the best, you won't know where you stand or what to do to get better...

    As the above person notes - you won't ever see some of the people again to be embarrassed - and from what I can see your work is damn good!

    Feel the fear and do it anyway!

  4. Thankyou for your words guys

    I'm working on some guys. I've crossed one hurdle now, I've made display bases, and i'm quite happy with them.

    I'd never tackled such things before, so that's new :)

    If i get the guys to go on them painted in time to enter, then i'll enter. :)

    If i get a chance i'll post the bases later.


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