Tuesday, 15 September 2009

All your base are..

Well, pretty nearly finished actually.

I've never done bases like this before, no matter what the purpose, it's always been on a GW plastic base or it was terrain.

Consequentially I didn't feel I could "tutorial" these so didnt take any in progress shots. If I ever do anything like it again I will make sure to document the process however.

I'm quite pleased with them so far. They are a little large for "single miniature" bases, but I'm going to live with it :)

Each one is getting a member of the forge world DKOK heavy weapon pair mounted on it

This one :

Is for the heavy stubber operator, he'll be kneeling on the treadplate with his weapon perched on the earthworks.

This one:

Is for the melta-gunner. He'll have the earthworks behind him, and be facing out over the oil can (ish)

The only trick now is painting these guys

To a decent standard.

Before the 30th.


  1. The bases look good! Seeing the models on 'em should be interesting.

    I do want to point out that a number of your pictures don't appear. I think your links are malformed...

  2. The bases look great - ditto the comment that some of the second base don;t work though.

    If you are running short of time my recommendation would be to concentrate on the heavy stubber model - I think it is more thematic and tells a better story which is one of the key things judges are looking for - according to the advice from the Oz GD judging lads to me last year.

  3. Thanks for that both of you,

    yeah this picassa "blog this" link sometimes just farts out and fails. i'll fix em

    Rogue, that's good advice, and actually i'd kinda decided it was the stronger mini and i was going to paint the melta guy first so i could make all my mistakes with him. time is, well either I will get time to get the bulk of them done this weekend, or I won't right now it's looking like I will.


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