Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Was it worth it?

I've "finished" the first Middenhimer champion. I can still see things I should do to him, but it's time to move on.

pictures below, but right now the one question I ask myself is the post title - was it worth it?

Judging on the end result I'm not sure. theres some nice bits on him, but overall I'm not really happy. I suppose maybe I'm one of those people who never is happy with his own work, but..

If I were to judge the experience I'd say it's definately worth it. I've learned a few things, mostly "feel" and I'm also lerning what I need to learn, and do more of. I need/ want to get better at blending, and I need to practice NMM If I want to use it, this is maybe the third peice I've ever tried it on and I can see it's potential. I'm trying to refine my ability to "work small" as I often try to make trasitions too smooth, this means I either end up not covering a wide enough spectrum (tones are too close to each other) or having each application obliterate what I've just done and lead to the end result where theres just not enough dynamic range in the area i'm working.

my photograpy still isnt back on track since I move my room round, the light is my biggest problem, I took these outside today but I do need to buy some higher wattage lights.

anyway here he is for your judgement, I'd appreciate any comments or advice for the next guy.


  1. I must say that your NMM came out pretty good. My own NMM painting isn't worth a toss (mostly 'cause I don't have the hang on blending and such like yet).
    Anyways, good job!
    Cheers from a fellow nerd & Tom's Mordheim Board member.

  2. The work on the whole blade is really nice as is his shirt.

    My only criticism would have to fall on the cloak. To my eye, it doesn't sit right or go with the dynamic flow of the model. The one on your other Middenheimer seemed to sit better (I refer back to this post here

    Otherwise it looks cool and fits your theme.

    Keep at it.

  3. Thanks guys !

    S, nice to see other members of Tom's blogging :)

    My blending is also very weak, most of what you see here is done by layering, rather than wet blending - something I'm going to work on remedying.

    Rogue, Glad that you think my NMM is coming on :)

    I agree about the claok, that's the difference at the end of the day between my sculpting and GW's :) but as the sprue with the cloak form the other fellow no lnger exists, I'm just going to have to lift my game regarding the sculpting :)


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