Saturday, 8 August 2009

PIP on the Middenheimer Champion

I've been trying to slow down and take my time with this fellow, and trying a few new things as well, one of which is to use far less washes than usual and try to be bolder in my highlighting.

he's posted as "pip" rather than finished for a few reasons - his base isnt done, clearly. there are some smoothing issues on some of the areas, that's a side effect of my trying to be bolder. His face has photographed a lot "colder" than it is, but that still might need attention, his leather work, bag belt etc hasn't been anywhere near finished.

I've tried out NMM again, mainly because I think it's an excellent lerning exercise for smoother layering/blending. the blade needs more work, the chestplate.. well you tell me.

I'm reasonably happy with the sword hilt however.

here he is.

Now is where you, the wonderful community get to help me improve. what would you do to this mini now to "finish" it?

you all thnk about that, while I work on getting the light right to take a better picture :)


  1. Hi, Like the blog.

    Well first off it's a nice mini.

    Looking at the pics closely, there are little white spots on his hair, if they aren't from the camera, they should be shaded down with a wash.

    A very thin white white highlight at the top of the breastplate would help lift it a bit, whereas at the moment it looks just a bit too flat for polished metal.

    A slightly sharper highlight at the top of the cloak where the light would catch it most, would also look good.

    But as it is, it's a nicely done figure and the hilt is very nicely done as you said.

    Hope this helps,

  2. A slight touch-up where the boot and pants meet.
    And maybe a grass base instead.
    But a good looking mini

  3. Hi guys and thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated.

    Eodred, Glad you like the blog :)

    as for the mini, the hair is the shine from the klear coat/lihgitng , Once done i'll post a dullcoted shot so you can see :)

    you are absolutely right about the breastplate, i'll put some "shine" on that today, likewise the cloak

    Will, that splodge on the boot top is one of those things - I only saw it once I'd photographed him and it leaded out at me, It'll get sorted :)

    and the base will get some dirt/grass thrown on too and a heft drybrush.

    hopefully I'll get him done today


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