Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Vetran Guardsman Paimt test

Well, I'm not entirely sure about this one.

Your comments won't be helped by the fact that I cant get my photography back balanced, If you compare recent pics with older ones, and look at the blue B/G you can see how much it's shifted, and i've taken about 50 pics tonight with various settings.

I think the new setup has my lights too close, so everything is getting flooded...

anyway I digress, Here he is, try to remember that overall he's darker than he appears here, and the inserts on the camo are a tad bluer.

I'd appreciate any comments on the fig, as i'm undecided atm wether this is right or not.
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  1. I like him. I think the camo patter looks great.

  2. I like the color scheme. I think that the greys on the model needs to be a bit darker, to create more contrast from across the table.

    Basically, if the model looks good from 3 feet away, it's good. This model looks good up close, but from far away, the colors are too close to each other to create an interesting amount of contrast.

  3. Thats pretty cool man! I like the colors

  4. From what I can see from here, the trooper really looks good. I feel that the camo scheme flows together rather smoothly & the colours you've chosen contrast well enough. Nice.

    As for the photography setup, I do think having 2 lamps could be a bit too much which is causing your model to look washed out.

  5. It is a really sweet mini. The pose is really good and suggests a bad ass grunt, slogging/striding forward into the mouth of hell itself.

    I really like how you have sculpted the cloak to flow around the canteen, as if it has been humg up on it. It looks more natural and suggest movement.

    The pictures are a tad washed out, but you get a fair idea of whats going on - if you sort out your space/lighting then throw up some more shots for comment.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, Wienas, Hopefully now I've got some way to srting the photography you can get a better Idea of the contrast. I did toy with the idea of black armour, but I thought that went too much against the idea of camo/stealth troops.

    Theres a new photo up, and I've two more of these fellows on my bench so hopefully I can get more comfortable with the paint and make them pop :)


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