Monday, 20 July 2009

An unusual game.

So a few days ago some buddies came round to play, and being three of us we had an unusual match for my combined DH/Buard's first outing.

Seeing as my army is almost two setachements in structure, I took them both on. Just under 1k of tau, and just under 1k of Dark angels against my just under 2k DH/guard force.

I wont go into a full batrep, but I will give an overview and some highlights.

We were playing for five objectives and I ended the game holding three with the other two unheld but just out of reach of my troop's move through cover rolls, the DA pretty much got tabled as I thought they were a more significant threat and the Tau ended with pretty much just the crisis suits left because the tricksy bugger kept hiding from my big guns.

The layout of the table was such that the terrain realy impeded my movement, that meant that my longer range shootyness and my reserves did most of the work, without the guard on my side it would have been a very different outcome.

Some highlights -

Blurry pic of the terrain layout -

I went first and this deployment

caused this deployment,

which in my first turn of shooting resulted in this.

Man of the match - I owe this guy some paint.

These guys tried to pop my other Russ, they didnt quite manage it.

These fellow did however pop my Lord's ride. bah teach you to shoot my best painted vehicle!

Actually, it's nice to see the theory work, the best painted vehicle with what is in the end a medium threat target, gets a lot of fire.

this guy earned his ponts, rolling the assault power just when I needed it he took the stealth team out on his own in 1 round of CA and saved the Russ from a second round of fire.

not that that Russ deserved it, one of the demolisher shots actually took out a weapon on the chimers sat next to the russ!

last stand out unit, and they really did, were my reserve Guard unit, they came on from the table edge right next to the marine captain, pie plated him, shot him up and assaulted. after that the captain was the only one standing, and he fell in the next round of CA. awesome work from a guard unit.
I enjoyed the game, and I really enjoyed seeing that the army I honestly was expecting to really suck, came together.

Shortcomings -

The first couple of rounds didnt go well for me, the rtestricted movement of the table layout hurt me, and having so many metla weapons the army dosent do well outside 12", but once that distance is closed it can really bring the pain.

that said I built this knowing my meta, and I'm going to have to get someoen to play this army against my own orks as I dont think they'd fare so well against a horde.


  1. Interesting battle report.

    It's true they do shoot the pretty ones first! My Rust-Bringer Defiler keeps getting pounded every game! Though last battle he actually managed to hold off the Blood Angels and earned his right to his new third power claw and twin linked Lascannons.

  2. Good grief, 4 termies taken out in 1 round of shooting! If your LR Executioner was responsible for that, you not only owe it some paint but maybe some kind of kill-marking as well. :)

    I must say that your army's performance was outstanding, making for a dramatic & fun game with yer mates.

    Your lord's pimped up ride can now be officially labelled "The Emperor's Fire Magnet". :D

    Coorect me if I'm mistaken, but I faintly remember that you were planning to add some Grey Knights to your army; interested in converting your own GKs from the plastic Termies?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, "emporer's fire magnet" it shall be named :)

    As for the termies, I think I would do it that way yes, by buying the CC box I think I'd get enough bits to also convert the aobr termies and get 10 gks, but i'd have to have a closer look at the sprues to be sure.

    At the moment my time is being taken up with sorting what I have, finisheg the guard, sorting my orks.

    more than that, I've been distracted, by something not 40k.

    Scary I know, I might post progress later in the week :)


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