Thursday, 2 July 2009

Squad Tertius.

Last squad done today.

after seeing how long I had projected for finishing this lot a few posts back, I decided to step it up a notch. this third squad leaves me with three acolytes an elite and two chimeras to paint to complete the 1k points or so of =][= I have built.

here they are.

Facial tattoos and wild hair mainly because this is the plasma aquad, and I wanted thier identity to be "the nutters" I'm going to also get them into a lot of CC for no better reason than that I've decided they are nutters.


  1. Cor, these are some right nutters these are. Plasma nutters. :D They definitely look the part. Very feral. Cool freehand on the tattoos; did you design them first before painting them on?

  2. I didnt, I admit I busked them, and in a few places it shows, bet the reason I busked them was evident as I painted them.

    I'd planned a few shapes in my head, nothing more, but in the application several fo those shapes just weren't working, so I adapted to suit the contours of the model and just did what felt right. I quite like the result even if there are several cheesy "chakotay" faces in there.

  3. Naw, I don't think they're cheesy. The freehand tattoos look good busked. By adapting the design to the contours of the model, it's exactly like how my tattooist works when he draws the basic outlines of the design to fit my body contours & then fills in the details with the needle afterwards.


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