Friday, 3 July 2009

Second Elite =][=

I tried something on this guy I havent done on a mini before, only on vehicles, a weathering technique for distressing painted surfaces, hopefully it looks okay and isnt too subtle - we are used to neat, black outlined scratches these days after all.

That leaves two chimeras, three acolytes and my lord to do.

I'm romping through but I'm not sure what's wrong with me at the moments, I mean I'm happysih with the paint jobs(I think the speed shows, they look a bit rushed) but I seem to be just chugging on to get them done, I have done pretty much every one of these guys in a single sitting, some of them 5 or more at a time.

I'm going to have to kick back and take my time with something soon, just to prove to myself hat I still can.

as always cnc most welcome.


  1. Hmm, it's definitely different but a good kind of different. The armour has got an interesting texture to it & the effect of the flaking paint (?, hope I got that right) on certain parts looks very realistic.

  2. Aye, flaking paint :) ITs a way of, instead of simulating wear, you actually paint silver, then paint on top then age/remove the paint. It looks better in person, the reason was I didnt want my =][= to appear to have as much cash or support as say the astartes, it stands to reason to me that his armour is going to be older leww well looked after and generally more beaten up.

  3. Cool weathering technique. Appropriate too.


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