Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Quick update; Primed!

I'm always happier when sculpted stuff is primed as it's the first time you get to really see is you've smoothed your transitions without the colour throwing you off.

Some of it is a bit larger and rougher than I would like, but some of it is quite sucessful, hopefully I'll do better with the next one.

Now I need to get some paint on him.


  1. I'm eagerly awaiting to see how you're going to paint him. He really looks like he's morphing halfway between a human & a flamer of tzeentch. Definitely got the "I'm in a helluva lotta pain & agony" part down pat. I'm a bit spooked by the tentacle that's snaking out from beneath his robes though... :D Great job!

  2. Oh wait! I see your gaming table! And your kitchen! And your aquarium!

    Very nice terrain. The progress of your cityfighting board should be a treat. Really hope to pick up some pointers in terrain-making.

  3. Hehe, yeah I had to be very careful with the final shape of that tentacle. :)

    I'd glad the form of the flamer can be seen, I'm going to paint him as though for the binding ceremony he needed to be clad in colours pleasing to the lord of change :)

    and yes, you do see my kitchen, that's the small aquarium, it pretty much just houses my giant weather loach and a few barbed tetras for comany. the other tank is bigger and home to more colourful fish :)

    I am learning that I am unusual in the wider gaming community in that I actually enjoy building terrain, what you see there is, shall we say an "rural" board, modelled after the ash wastes style (I had a ton of grey paint) a few hills and a ruined building or two. the cityfight bopard will be more densely packed and based on modular tiles

  4. Hmm, personally, I've always seen terrain-building to be the natural progression in a model-making hobby. :)

  5. Me too, they are just "big figures" to me :)


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